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20 November 2001

Our current howler: Reading assignment

Synopsis: We’re thankful today for a Rolling Stone piece. We suggest that you go out and buy it.

The Press vs. Al Gore
Eric Boehlert, Rolling Stone, 12/6/01

Congratulations to Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone for publishing Eric Boehlert’s piece in the current issue. Boehlert examines the press corps’ coverage of the 2000 election. We’re making this piece assigned reading.

The dysfunctional state of our modern press corps became quite apparent in the last election. Boehlert scans some Greatest Hits. Next week, we plan to do a couple of HOWLERS based on his fascinating interviews with Ceci Connolly and Walter Robinson. You’ll want to track all of the action.

One last point. Don’t bother going to; sad to say, Boehlert’s piece isn’t posted. Note to Jann—you’ve published a seminal piece, which should be widely viewed. Why not distribute it hugely?

Here at THE HOWLER, we’re hard at work on our book on this very topic, The Spinning of the President, Year 2000. The press corps’ astounding election work must be examined. Buy the Stone and take Boehlert’s head start.


The Daily update (11/20/01)

Attention, book store shoppers: The December 6 issue has Britney Spears on the cover. She has absent-mindedly forgotten to bring all her clothes. Gentlemen of a certain age will definitely be embarrassed at the check-out counter. Gentlemen, why not pass a few bucks to a local kid and let him buy the magazine for you?