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by Bob Somerby
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About the editor

It’s true: our editor is best known in Washington as one of the city’s most popular topical comedians. National Journal’s Hotline recently called him “one of the top political/consumer comedians of our time.”

But years before he began his career as a topical humorist, Bob Somerby, editor of THE DAILY HOWLER, was an op-ed writer in the Baltimore Sun, writing on a variety of political and social issues.

After graduating from Harvard in 1969, Somerby came to Baltimore as a fifth grade teacher in the Baltimore City Public Schools. His first articles in The Sun, in 1978, dealt with issues of educational testing.

He has consulted for a variety of network news shows on issues of educational testing. He has written articles for the Sun on issues ranging from the outrageous treatment of poor Nancy Kerrigan right on through Medicare funding.

As a comedian, Somerby has been praised by a variety of major publications. Of his one-man show, MATERIAL WORLD, the Washington City Paper said: “Somerby turns a stand-up act into stand-up art. Material World is high comic art.” The Washington Post recently said of the show: “Think Will Rogers without the corny rope tricks...Somerby offers a rare treat: jokes built on ideas.”

Through the (endless) 1996 election cycle, Somerby published a humorous weekly mailer, THE ELECTION TOWN CRIER. The Washington Times said The Election Town Crier was “the newest, hottest Powertown tip-sheet since The Weekly Standard and George.”

Somerby has appeared on a variety of national TV shows, including Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and Equal Time with Mary Matalin and Dee Dee Myers. He once followed Robert Bork on Judith Regan’s Fox program. Now, that’s a grim opening act!

The remarkable story of how Somerby came to THE HOWLER is told in our companion site, SOCRATES READS. Please: visit that site at to review this astonishing story.