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Daily Howler: There's no escaping it to the north!
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NO ESCAPE TO THE NORTH: There's no escaping it to the north! // link // print // previous // next //

NO ESCAPE TO THE NORTH: There's no escaping it to the north! Though we'll admit we drew pleasure yesterday, in a New Hampshire Starbucks, from this "recent highlight from the Ideas blog," a piece which we was prominently featured in the Sunday Boston Globe. In the piece, which carries a "BRAINIAC" heading, Joshua Glenn tries to decide if Barack Obama is a baby boomer. Glenn notes that "the spike in the US birth rates known as the baby boom" ran from 1946 through 1964--and he further notes that Obama was born in 1961. For many people, that would settle this meaningless question. But not in this post, which we recommend for amusement purposes only.

We should note: As you will see, most of what you will find in this piece is the fault of Andrew Sullivan.

At any rate, we wanted to remove Friday's unpleasant material from our front page. Santa knows we've been bad this year, a year in which we often fought with our own team. But as we seach for a lobsterman job in New Hampshire or even down in Maine, we'll again make a key suggestion: If liberals and Dems could wave a wand and take one tool away from the press corps, we would recommend this move: Take away their access to trivia. We should train ourselves to say this one thing: "That isn't worth talking about."

We'll be back at the start of the year. Unless we're out on the water.