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Daily Howler: Is it true? Has an era ended? Tomorrow, we'll voice our doubts
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FULL SERVICES RETURN TOMORROW: Today, we’re off on a mission of national import. Tomorrow, though, we’ll draw our text from this op-ed column by E. J. Dionne. “It's over,” E. J. writes. “American voters, in their wisdom, ended an era on Tuesday.” Dionne goes on to flesh out his statement: “They rejected a poorly conceived war policy in Iraq that has weakened the United States.”

We agree with the thrust of Dionne’s piece. But if we take a longer view, then sorry—we don’t think an era is over. Has the “Freak Show” era ended, for example? Tomorrow, an incomparable discussion—complete with Bill O’Reilly’s recent discussions of a certain gentlelady’s “San Francisco values.”

Meanwhile, in this morning’s Post, the latest news on the Election Day work of that inspiring Maryland Senate hopeful, Michael Steele. (This news report understates some key facts.) Tomorrow, we’ll have more thoughts on this story as well. On Sunday, of course, the nicely-scripted Mara Liasson was giving Steele her top award (see THE DAILY HOWLER, 11/8/06). Mara stood to tell the world how “talented” this wonderful fellow had been.

Yep! Mara was eager to let the world know how “talented” Michael Steele had been. But then, O’Reilly has also been “talented” lately—and Mara and her vacuous gang don’t plan to notice that matter either. Is it true? Has an era ended? Tomorrow, we’ll voice our doubts—and offer an incomparable challenge.