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Daily Howler: A treasured old lie was no longer enough. So Hannity gave us a new one
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THE NEWLY 19-YEAR-OLD INTERN! A treasured old lie was no longer enough. So Hannity gave us a new one: // link // print // previous // next //

THE NEWLY 19-YEAR-OLD INTERN: Our urgent work on behalf of the nation continues for another day. Still, we had to post the following—a wonderful, truly classic piece of Outright and Comical Pundit Deception. Simply put, Sean Hannity was lying right in his viewers’ faces, about a famous old press corps darling. Here’s a case of cosmic deception, from one of our most clownish “men:”
HANNITY (10/2/06): You know something? And I don't want to bring Clinton into it [the Mark Foley matter]. You're going to say, “Well, Monica was 19.” But hang on a second! Monica was a teenager, and she was an intern.
Simply put, Sean Hannity is willing to do and say anything! Our analysts threw their heads back and roared and this wonderfully pure bit of proof.

Let’s be fair. Hannity didn’t want to bring Clinton into this matter—but he denied himself, doing so anyway. And look at the way he clowned when he did! “You're going to say, ‘Well, Monica was 19,’” he exclaimed to Bob Beckel, his guest. But why on earth—why in the world—would anyone ever say that?

In fact, everyone knows The Standard Old Lie about the pundits’ old darling, Monica. Everyone knows you’re supposed to call her a “21-year-old White House intern.” In fact, Lewinsky was no longer 21, and no longer an intern, when she met Clinton and their concourse began. (She was almost 22 and a half—and she had accepted a paying job in the White House two days earlier.) But the story sounded much better with the false facts, so the “press corps” simply never stopped using them, excitedly rubbing their thighs as they went. Jay Leno used Monica’s correct age in his jokes, but consummate fakers, all through the press corps, just kept saying that she’d been 21! It seemed the very symbol of youth—and so did the pleasing word “intern.” So the phonies and fakers kept using fake “facts,” as we chronicled at length in real time. (Links below.)

Yep! Everyone knew to say “21,” even though she had been 22! But by Tuesday, that original lie was no longer enough. So Hannity played a new number!

What a moment! Everyone knows the original lie—including all of Hannity’s viewers. Everyone knows you’re supposed to say that Monica was just 21! But now, a teen-age page had come into play—and 21 was no longer enough. So Sean decided to hatch a new lie. The old lie? No longer enough!

Gaze on the soul of this fake, empty man! And omigod! Since we libs and Dems have spent fifteen years declining to make an issue of this sort of thing, when we gaze on this fake, empty man, we gaze on the soul of our nation.

VISIT OUR INCOMPARABLE ARCHIVES: Did it matter if she was 21 or 22? It mattered enough for all good pundits to use the false fact for a good solid year! They were improving their favorite novel—and we were recording their small, smutty clowning. Leno knew Monica’s actual age—but, somehow, people like Mark Shields did not! See THE DAILY HOWLER, 2/4/99, with links to our previous work.

UPDATE: Monday, at National Review Online, Mark Levin also came up with the newly 19-year-old intern. For years, our discourse has been in the hands of the plainly insane. You know what to do--just click here. (With thanks to Anonymous Liberal.)