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SAY WHAT? Let’s play Hardball? Chris Matthews takes on John Bolton—but doesn’t quite pop the real question:


MUST-READ MSNBC: When he’s good—and that’s rare—he can be very good! Last night, Chris Matthews called attention to John Bolton’s recent odd statements about North Korea. Matthews walked up to the line, but didn’t quite ask: Is the Bush Admin trying to blow up negotiations with Kim Jong-Il? They’re very good at scaring up wars. Is this Step One on the next Large Adventure? Matthews notes the oddness of Bolton’s conduct, but doesn’t quite manage to ask the Big Question. But you should read the entire discussion. You know what to do—just click here. It’s Segment 2 in last night’s program.

Meanwhile, here’s Glenn Kessler’s short report about Bolton’s odd remarks.

TOMORROW: Return of Love Story!