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by Bob Somerby
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Critics' corner

With rare exceptions, critics enjoy heaping praise on the Howler. We link you to several examples:

  1. "Point, click, howl." Pat Butters, The Washington Times, 7/17/99. Available for fee at

  2. "Boxing the Beltway's ears." Nicholas Varchaver, Brill's Content, 9/99. Click here.

  3. "The seven-year (old) snitch." Eric Alterman, The Nation, 11/22/99. Click here.

  4. "Standing Up for Gore." Susan Baer, The Baltimore Sun, 2/22/00. Not available on line.

  5. "Media critic blasts reports on Gore's exaggerations." Scott Shepard, The Atlanta Constitution, 4/9/99 (also: The Austin American-Statesman, The Palm Beach Post). Click here. Click here too.

  6. "A Good Howling Outside the Pack." David Daley, The Hartford Courant, 4/22/00. Click here.