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May 7, 2000

Ceci Connolly
The Washington Post

Dear Ms. Connolly:

Just a note to check a fact from your article of May 6. In that article-datelined May 5-you included the following paragraph:

Bush focused his message today on the virtues of education, entrepeneurship, faith and family-all themes that fit today's Cinquo de Mayo celebration. "We have a lot in common," he told a breakfast crowd sprinkled with Hispanics. And when he learned that Gore often jokes to Hispanic audiences that he hopes his second grandchild will be born on Cinquo de Mayo, Bush whispered to an aide: "Completely pathetic."

My question: Am I right in assuming that this last remark by Bush-"Completely pathetic"-was made on May 5, as the text would seem to indicate?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Yours truly,


Bob Somerby

cc: Maralee Schwartz