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Archives 2011

September 2: The professors took our society’s saddest song and made it that much worse
September 1: A new world in which we liberals are dumb emerged in Drum’s comment thread
August 31: Drum’s readers responded with rage, as people always have done
August 30: Kevin Drum did a much better job imagining all the people
August 29: Jon Fasman tried to imagine what Tea Party people are like

August 26: Our scribes like to frisk their makeup and clothes—and their big massive houses
August 25: As your nation slides toward the sea, the Times frisks Bachmann’s makeup
August 24: Jonathan Chait doesn’t mess up the chaise, just as Norquist once said
August 23: Slate’s Annie Lowrey spanned the globe keeping Rick’s script alive
August 22: Life is much easier inside DC when you buy the key products you’re sold

August 19: The New York Times took dictation from Rick. Why didn’t your leaders fight?
August 18: The New York Times took dictation from Rick, pimping a misleading fact
August 17: The New York Times took dictation from Perry. Chris Hayes didn’t complain
August 16: Clifford Krauss affirms a jobs boom—and a miracle
August 15: David Gregory utterly failed. Lois Romano was worse

August 12: Amazing! For one brief shining moment, the editors had a tax plan
August 11: The editors made a daring proposal. Then, they took it back
August 10: Fearful editors praised us rubes, then bailed on their own tax plan
August 9: The editors said they were amazed when spending cuts won over tax hikes
August 8: Today, we have the naming of names. We’ll start with a big name: Bob Schieffer

August 5: The editors have an astounding idea: “Let’s explain this to the voters!”
August 4: Voters believe the darnedest things! Just consider that CNN survey
August 3: When Krugman said we need more stimulus, George Will turned to the public
August 2: Joe Nocera is very angry. Except for the fact that he isn’t

July 29: In a discussion you’ve never heard, Bruce Bartlett seconded Krugman
July 28: In a full-page, eleventh-hour report, the Times moves past self-parody
July 27: On Sunday, the country’s most famous news hosts asked the world’s most useless questions
July 26: Number, please! We pity the fool who is forced to rely on the Post’s ever-changing facts
July 25: If you don’t like the facts in the New York Times, you should just wait a while

July 22: Chomsky described this scam long ago. He didn’t blame average people
July 21: On July 14, the Washington Post reported some facts about the debt limit crisis
July 20: Why do voters believe foolish claims? Let’s review last Wednesday’s Hardball
July 19: Digby spotted a ship of fools when Pew asked a basic question
July 18: Atlanta cheated its keister off. But so have the Post and the Times

July 15: Krugman tells it like it has been—and fails to name prominent names
July 14: We’re off on a mission of national import with a thought about the late Betty Ford
July 13: Obama praises our lowest-performing schools. Sirota flies to Finland
July 12: The Washington Post praised the PG schools—and presented a phony discussion
July 11: The editors seem to do their worst work when talking about DC’s schools

July 8: Your press corps is almost wholly Potemkin. Why won’t your leaders complain
July 7: Jim Lehrer pretended to host a discussion. This showed you the street where you live
July 6: As her nation slid toward the sea, Maureen Dowd got in the zone
July 5: The New York Times’ newest op-ed star was troubled by Bristol’s new jaw

July 1: Our biggest newspapers won’t do their jobs. Our liberals are often in Wonderland
June 30: Bless their hearts! Outlook tried to explain the deficit—or at least, they pretended to try
June 29: Bruce Bartlett spoke on a New York Times blog. What’s wrong with the paper’s front page?
June 28: Alfred E. Neuman never worried. So too with the Post and the Times
June 27: The analysts came to us with a question: Who is the Post’s newest columnist?

June 24: What exactly is wrong with greed? And why don’t your leaders fight back?
June 23: Stupendous foolishness has been all around as liberals slag Newt, Jon and Sarah
June 22: We seem to be mired in a culture of greed. But is there anything wrong with it?
June 21: On the front page of the Washington Post, we learn of a change in the culture
June 20: Josh and Rachel were all tricked out as they discussed Weiner's fall

June 17: As we leave on the 4:45, we recommend recent history
June 16: If we only challenge the other tribe’s hypocrisy, are we hypocritical too?
June 15: Where is 24 more than 48? Deep inside the tribal belt, where Sister Simple dwells
June 14: At Salon, a string of dogs weren’t eating the tribal dog food
June 13: Salon’s staff pored through Palin’s e-mails from deep in the tribal belt

June 10: We’re dying beneath a nameless press culture. This is happening with liberal consent
June 9: Chris Matthews made a comical claim, helping us name a sick culture
June 8: A column in the Washington Post worked from an old, inane template
June 7: Chris Matthews, a disgusting life-form, tried to blame Weiner’s wife too
June 6: Collins praised Ryan, then went on leave. Behind this, there lies a sick culture

June 3: Progressives can’t build a winning movement with flyweights like Maddow in charge
June 2: Schumer defined his party’s position quite clearly. That doesn’t mean they’re right
June 1: Schumer was clear about Medicare. Can cable libs follow suit?
May 31: Gregory failed to do his job. What about libs and progressives?

May 28: Where were you in 1997? One professor was living on air
May 27: Outlook asked an academic royal to review a con man’s book
May 26: Outlook tried to discuss a real issue. This led to a basic mistake
May 25: Sheryl Gay Stolberg is a very bad person, as she makes clear today
May 24: Zeleny told the story one way. Then, he told it another
May 23: Krugman’s column made us muse on a pair of developing cultures

May 20: Rachel Maddow loses her mind. Digby trains us to hate
May 19: Collins said she’d analyze Ryan’s plan. Six long weeks have passed
May 18: Are the Sunday guest lists balanced? We hope someone does the work
May 17: Newt Gingrich has so many ideas he can’t recall what they are
May 16: Jonathan Chait told the truth very slowly. Kevin Drum brought in The Snide

May 13: We take the New York Times back to school about those rising test scores
May 12: The Times described the attack on bin Laden. But did its report make sense?
May 11: As Krugman notes, Alan Simpson’s a fool. But so are our “liberal” elites
May 10: Copying off Benen’s paper, a darling dumbed liberals way down
May 9: Did the latest nonsense catch fire because Obama is black?

May 6: Is the birther lunacy racist? Career players know what to say
May 5: Would a white hopeful get slimed as The Other? Just ask Michael Dukakis
May 4: How would you rate the recent nonsense? Is it pretty much the same? Or is this nonsense different?
May 3: Swept away by jury duty, we postpone work till tomorrow
May 2: Describing the press corps’ obscene money culture, Milbank at last gets it right

April 29: Obama released a document. A reign of sheer foolishness followed
April 28: The New York Times editors lie in your face—and bungle the relevant facts
April 27: Obama’s plan saves four trillion bucks. Four trillion compared to what?
April 26: How big are Ryan’s deficit reductions? The Times keeps letting you guess
April 25: Do you understand those budget plans? Here at THE HOWLER, we don’t

April 23: A letter in today’s New York Times raises an obvious question
April 22: Colonel Sherburn appeared in a dream, mocking a well-hidden program
April 21: Why did Zeleny fawn to Paul Ryan? Matt Miller doesn’t quite say
April 20: Chris Matthews urged The Donald to run. Why in the world would he do that?
April 19: Chris Matthews, repurposed, rails against Trump. But where did Trumpism come from?
April 18: Twain’s bumptious colonel killed poor Boggs—then described us modern liberals

April 15: Brooks has fawned over Ryan for weeks. But he was right about taxes
April 14: Why can’t Obama propose the Clinton tax rates? Because our side lost that debate
April 13: Liberals have done “a crappy job,” Kevin Drum says. Examples leap to mind
April 12: Why did Obama cave to Boehner? Maddow and Hayes didn’t know
April 11: Maddow ginormously bungled the shutdown. But that’s how it’s done on our side

April 8: Our political discourse is very dumb—though not quite as dumb as you’ve heard
April 7: Scribes invented a fictional lad, as they’ve done many times in the past
April 6: Ryan would punish “the poor and the vulnerable.” But so what? Someone’s in love
April 5: Ryan’s vouchers are all around. A star liberal didn’t quite name them
April 4: Sean has played this game for years. Must our side get dumbed down too?

April 1: We were stunned when we read the reports about the mess in Atlanta
March 31: Atlanta has suffered a two-year cheating mess. Why did the Times take a pass?
March 30: Michelle Rhee has always been all about standards. Except when it came to that probe
March 29: A colorful rag filed a brilliant report. Where was the Washington Post?
March 28: Are we willing to let Bill Gates spread bull? The answer seems to be yes

March 25: Ed Schultz announced a special treat to honor his mother, who taught
March 24: Walters and her hapless pals created a new bunch of birthers
March 23: Diane Ravitch keeps toying with facts. It’s time for her to go
March 22: The Today show pandered and fawned to Rhee. But then, what else is new?
March 21: Bill Gates funds the education debate. Are liberals and scribes on the take?

March 18: Why is Bill Gates saying those things? Truly, we have no idea
March 17: When “liberals” refused to discuss public schools, the New York Post stepped in
March 16: Full of advice and trailing a conflict, a lofty Parisian bureaucrat is on his way to the states
March 15: Jon Stewart asked some very good questions. Why does this task fall to him?
March 14: We bungled our piece on David Brooks. We make our point more clear

March 12: Three hundred million souls live in this nation. Can this be the best we can do?
March 11: The commenters were irate, but wrong. Are we all ditto-heads now?
March 10: Walker has lost, a cable host said. The very next day, he acted
March 9: Rachel and Big Eddie fumbled ahead. Meanwhile, a colorful paper starts an important project
March 8: Chris Christie is our most popular pol! It started at TPM
March 7: George Will trashed the whole birther world—unless you watched Clown Princess Maddow

March 4: Responding to Maddow’s latest cant, our own ditto-heads emerged
March 3: When Hannity churns reports of this type, we liberals call him dishonest
March 2: You really have to watch the tape to appreciate the depth of last Thursday’s clowning
March 1: Rachel Maddow’s puzzling report never made any clear sense
February 28: When Rachel Maddow chose to fight back, the ditto-heads swung into action

February 25: The Palin-bashing won’t get us that far, Michael Lind sagely says
February 24: First, a governor got himself pranked. After that, the deluge
February 23: This morning, Milbank challenges Limbaugh. We won’t get far this way
February 22: Steve Benen was too kind to Dionne, who blamed it all on the Tea Party
February 21: Journalists have loved Rhee’s miracle tale for at least the past forty-five years

February 18: Michelle Rhee’s miracle tale isn’t true. But it shaped our ideas of “reform”
February 17: According to a major study, Rhee’s star pupils didn’t exist
February 16: Michelle Rhee likes to tell that story. And she likes telling it rough
February 15: A sacred tale helps fuel “reform.” But is that story accurate?
February 14: Why are we the people so clueless? Limbaugh—and others—all help

February 11: Egyptians rail against their censors. We’re not that bold over here
February 10: At TPM, a very young man discovers a very old story
February 9: A conservative writer at Sully’s site agreed with Digby’s perspective
February 8: A conservative writer described the way his mom’s brains got eaten by Fox
February 7: Your leaders continue to dumb you down, exposing a mythical myth

February 4: With revolution sweeping the world, Janet Maslin makes a striking admission
February 3: Mayor Bloomberg conducted a sting. But then again, so did Live Action
February 2: Do U.S. corporations pay high (or low) taxes? After reading Leonhardt’s report, we have no earthly idea
February 1: Last night, Ed Schultz took his turn
January 31: Benen’s claims passed from flimsy to ugly because they dealt with race

January 28: KO’s misogyny was his worst trait. Here’s how we liberals reacted
January 27: The intellectual state of the union would seem to be not very good
January 26: For better or worse, KO’s regular stable of pundits were part of DC’s inner circle
January 25: Angry comments to Salon raised some unfortunate questions
January 24: Milbank threw Krugman under the bus as he just kept obsessing on Palin

January 21: What has Lieberman done wrong? Don’t ask Slate’s resident Yalie
January 20: A millionaire preacher saw Beelzebub when Mike Pence engaged in vile conduct
January 19: The Post ran with an inane attack on more than six million demons
January 18: O’Reilly and O’Donnell played the fool on tribal cable last night
January 17: Dr. King encountered a climate of hate. We recall the way he reacted

January 14: Krugman’s description is factually wrong. What makes us wander this way?
January 13: Rich and Robinson used that offending term too. Where might our fury take us?
January 12: David Brooks seemed to take his own side as he limned the disaster in Tucson
January 11: What made Loughner do what he did? Krugman seemed to know
January 10: Our discourse is ludicrous—and encourages violence. How can this best be addressed?

January 7: Social Security comes back center stage. Can our side explain how it works?
January 6: After watching True Grit, we wondered about some of our tribe’s attitudes
January 5: Do we want a constructive national discourse? Sadly, it’s all up to us
January 4: As we prepare for a painful new focus, we retell a sorry old tale
January 3: Treating this day as a holiday, we offer a scene from a film