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December 31: Gerson’s bungle helps flesh out the gloom of Krugman’s year-ender

December 24: Why don’t American kids lead the world? A minion should ponder the past
December 23: Matthews knew he must ignore Bill Turque’s front-page report
December 22: Why do our Catholic schools do so well, a prize minion clownishly asked
December 21: When Chris met Michelle, he quickly attacked those infernal teachers unions
December 20: Two of our billionaire lords’ biggest tools played some Hardball last week

December 17: Tavernise fawned about Baltimore’s schools. From this, we take three basic lessons
December 16: House Democrats have screeched and yelled. So why is their own plan so soft?
December 15: The other side has screeched and fawned. But then again, so has ours
December 14: Gene Robinson flipped on the middle-class cuts, maintaining his standing on cable
December 13: Bernie Sanders (finally) got it right! But so did David Brooks

December 10: It’s bad for the world when our MVP sounds like Rachel and KO
December 9: Rachel and KO and solons oh my! Can someone please send back the clowns
December 8: Casting herself as Alonso’s booster, Tavernise extends a long, hoary tradition
December 7: Over and over, Alonso is praised in ways which don’t really make much sense
December 6: America’s children can’t read, write or reason. Neither can New York Times journalists

December 3: Eve Arden wasn’t a whiz with math. How about David Brooks?
December 2: Even at this late date, the Post and the Times can’t agree on the most basic numbers
December 1: In the Post, reporters recalled The Great Condit Chase—and they protected the guild
November 30: If we require it, they will succeed, the New York Times eds still insist
November 29: In a surprising report, the Post’s ombudsman makes an astounding suggestion

November 23: We head off to the sweet sunny south—and Frank Rich says Palin could win
November 22: Almost half the country agreed—unless you were reading Charles Blow

November 19: Maddow praised herself to the skies. We think she should tell it to Lemon
November 18: Maddow kept informing Stewart about her own pure motives
November 17: Rachel rejected Jon’s distinction. Which part of “The Comedy Channel” doesn’t she understand?
November 16: Stewart compared The One True Channel to Fox. It went to the cutting-room floor
November 15: In essence, Marcus said Krugman is childish. But then, so did everyone else

November 12: Joan Walsh is writing a thoughtful book. Who will stand and speak?
November 11: Coloring nicely within the lines, the Morning Joe gang praised the lords
November 10: Maddow doesn’t understand politics, as she made clear Monday night
November 9: The same day we saw The Social Network, we gazed upon Newsweek’s list
November 8: More and more, Maddow apes Fox. Here’s why we find it offensive

November 5: Crackpot Bachmann did it again. But then again, so did Gene Robinson
November 4: Who keeps disinforming Kristof’s friend? Why won’t anyone say?
November 3: We the people redid ’94. We may have been dumber this time
November 2: America’s fatuous New Elites keep serving the plutocrats’ interests
November 1: Collins, Blow and Kristof spoke. Did they speak for a New Elite?

October 29: The world is crawling with New Elites, even if Benen won’t say so
October 28: Liberals swear that Murray’s elites don’t exist. But we see their fruits all around
October 27: My remark was “thoughtless,” the NPR chief said. But that was Murray’s point
October 26: As liberals snarked at Murray’s thesis, we saw its effects all around
October 25: Many years later, NPR unloads one of its hacks

October 20-22: Rachel Maddow’s absurd report raises a troubling question
October 19: Sometimes, The Crazy is just The Crazy. Except when progressives chat
October 18: The Post continues to clown for Rhee. When did our culture go wrong?

October 15: In the wake of a sorry blog post, we offer the Ezra Klein Challenge
October 14: Klein and Rhee penned a manifesto. A Post reader took it apart
October 13: Miller is fervent about a reform. But would his hot new approach work?
October 12: Teachers knew that something was wrong. Great gods like Joel Klein didn’t
October 11: Matt Miller’s puzzling piece in the Post raises a cosmic question

October 8: On page one, the New York Times bungles again. Why can’t the Times read, write or cipher?
October 7: Brooks and Collins blathered about a problem they don’t understand
October 6: If we want to survive Davis Guggenheim’s film, we should do eight or nine things
October 5: The Post prays for a great debate. We’ll offer eight prescriptions
October 4: The U. S. finished 21st on a science test. When we break down the scores, we start to see why

October 1: NBC News flew off to Finland, as legions of rubes did before
September 30: Rehema Ellis lied through her teeth about our glorious history
September 29: Does Brian Williams know shit from shinola? On Sunday, he pimped very hard
September 28: All good journalists knew the script about our villainous teachers
September 27: Journalists don’t know squat about schools. For starters, let’s grade Richard Cohen

September 24: Why are tax issues hard for Dems? Consider what Meyerson did
September 23: What explains Obama’s approach? When it comes to federal taxation, we have no liberal politics
September 22: On Monday, E. J. Dionne played dumb. On Tuesday, along came Cohen
September 21: A remarkable tape from 1997 shows us the shape of our world
September 20: Kristof knows the rules of the guild. Big players don’t challenge Fox

September 17: Who do we liberals love to hate? The clerk in a grocery store
September 16: Matt Bai joined Lawrence O’Donnell and Lady Collins in driving the plutocrats’ war
September 15: When it comes to that thirty-year war, the biggest clowns have been us
September 14: In a fascinating post, Digby describes the carnage from a thirty-year war
September 13: Josh Marshall was very bright at the start. By now, he’s gone thoroughly tribal

September 10: Liberal world to black kids: Drop dead! We’d call it the triumph of politics
September 9: Score gains by Hispanic students make a sick joke of Bob Samuelson
September 8: Samuelson lied about black kids. Chait had no idea
September 7: Leonhardt and Klein are the brightest and best. They bungled the hottest new topic

September 3: Dr. King wrote an astonishing book. Can “liberals” respect that book’s author?
September 2: Ed Schultz kept up the onslaught, rejecting someone’s words and beliefs
September 1: How many liberals would admire Dr. King? At this point, we’re not really sure
August 31: When the Nation reported the state of the schools, the scamming was quite general
August 30: When no one cares about black kids, omissions like Chait’s will occur

August 27: What is happening nationwide? The Times bungled that topic too
August 26: New York City’s achievement gaps remain. But achievement itself is up
August 25: Tom Friedman types a standard piece. Does Tom Friedman care about black kids?
August 24: New York’s test score have been thrown down the drain. Somehow, the experts survive
August 23: Parents howled about New York’s schools—but high, lofty liberals don’t care

August 21: The Post lets us know what Dr. King thinks about the Park51 project
August 20: When conservatives say the trust fund ain’t real, you should just name Ronald Reagan
August 19: Krugman warns about big cuts, then tackles a thirty-year scam
August 18: Maureen Dowd says everyone knows. Digby says nobody cares
August 17: Mike Hatchell think SS won’t be there—in part, due to Simpson’s con
August 16: Olbermann’s guest voiced a common concern—Social Security may not be there by the time he retires

August 13: Liberal gods dropped bombs on the rabble after reviewing some polls
August 12: Embellishing facts every step of the way, a young liberal conquers his fear
August 11: Why might someone ban the bomb? Digby seemed to ask
August 10: Only the rabble are ever at fault when Dean throws the R-bomb around
August 9: Glenn Beck called his shot last week as he drew a reaction from Walsh

August 6: Krugman name-called Ryan’s plan—and the Washington Post along with it
August 5: Weigel typed a pleasing claim. Too bad the claim wasn’t accurate
August 4: Three liberals criticized Kurtz’s piece. They started with silly semantics
August 3: We liberals simply aren’t all that, although we can’t make ourselves notice
August 2: A truly gruesome act of bad faith has passed with little comment

July 30: Three top pundits played “Who’s on first”–and captured the state of the culture
July 29: Howard Dean had a good idea—and no clue about basic facts
July 28: Gingrich played the fool about race. But so did some liberal leaders
July 27: What exactly does racism mean? Who exactly has it?
July 26: Gerson said the right has been wrong—and the left as well

July 23: Thirty years into this dumbest debate, we think Mitch McConnell’s sincere
July 22: Wallace and Crowley were thoroughly flummoxed by the world’s dumbest idea
July 21: How does the dumbest idea survive? The answer starts with us
July 20: Plainly, it’s the world’s dumbest idea. How has it prevailed?
July 19: Alexander, Kristof and Walsh get it wrong–and Milbank gets it right

July 15: Lady Collins made us think of Carol Leifer’s old joke
July 14: Jon Kyl engaged in some clownish old cant. In part, the fault lies in us
July 13: Three anchors–Schieffer, BillO and KO–have been sound asleep in the woods
July 12: We thought of Nixon when the Times reviewed the Climategate flap

July 10: In a constant search for perfection, we have changed one word
July 9: Liberals once hated those dead intern tales. Now, the tales come from us
July 8: Sometimes, accusers make sh*t up. The press didn’t want you to know that
July 7: The mainstream press corps has learned a few things. We liberals, perhaps not so much
July 6: Dowd is a cancer on the nation. What haven’t “liberals” said so?

July 2: David Brooks had 800 words. A great deal was left unsaid
July 1: Weigel fawned at Breitbart’s site, then got rolled out in prime time
June 30: Brooks mentioned cable TV, and the Net. But he forgot Lady Dowd
June 29: We were enraged by what Palin had said–until we clicked the link
June 28: Journalists never trash the press corps. But last Friday, David Brooks did

June 25: How should liberals explain the trust fund? Paul Krugman’s debunking falls short
June 24: We liberals need to save ourselves. Can Keith Olbermann do it?
June 23: What are Arkansas voters like? Liberals ought to ask
June 22: Bob Herbert is disappointed too. But is his complaint realistic?
June 21: Jonathan Chait rolled his eyes at Maddow, creating a crisis of competence

June 18: Palin misstated, but KO did too. Welcome to tribal cable
June 17: The dumbness which followed Obama’s address was dumbness for the ages
June 16: The Orley Taitz of the Clinton-Gore years is appalled by Taitz herself
June 15: If anyone can get Angle elected, we’ll guess that the bad Rachel can
June 14: The Washington Post was strangely selective as it recalled major gaffes

June 11: The New York Times ponders Boxer’s hair. But Gabriel nails a real issue
June 10: Orly Taitz is a flat-out nut. But then again, so is Chris Matthews
June 9: Timothy Egan pulled out The Card, showing us how liberals flounder
June 8: The scandal culture is dragging us down. It dates back to poor Gary Hart
June 7: Adam Nagourney went easy on Kirk, then talked about Clinton and Gore

June 4: Old patterns could return, some liberals warn. Other libs seem to embrace them
June 3: Gail Collins is hot for more sex—and sobs can be heard at the Post
June 2: As troubling patterns return in the press, Josh kisses asses of power
June 1: The gods used Mark Kirk to send us a clue about the New York Times

May 28: Herbert shows how city kids can prosper—if they’re bright enough
May 27: Career liberals acted like Serious People when the Times did it again
May 26: Chris Hayes corrected a groaning error by–who else?—the New York Times
May 25: We’ve been called away from our desk once again! But don’t ignore sick Andy Serwer
May 24: The public editor is a big liar too, if judged by his own paper’s standards

May 21: Markos Moulitsas was shocked, just shocked, to think that the Times could be wrong
May 20: Mika and Joe play a sick game, embellishing the script about Blumenthal
May 19: Lindsey Graham was judged by one set of rules. Richard Blumenthal must play by another
May 18: Reporters love these Vietnam tales. We’ll suggest that the reader beware
May 17: Christopher Edley is better than you, if he does say so himself

May 14: Kagan’s friends keep telling us rubes to defer to their wonderful judgment
May 12: Tea Party supporters looked shaky on race. But so did Tea Party opponents
May 11: ALL OPERATIONS DELAYED! Perhaps until tomorrow
May 10: On the day Bob Bennett got kicked to the curb, Charles Blow sang a favorite old tune

May 7: In a remarkable pair of posts, Digby helps us recall the truth about someone’s favorite
May 6: We’re still amazed at the childish things our celebrity “journalists” do
May 5: The Tea Party movement hates white people too! Just ask Robert Bennett
May 4: Does Rich ever know what he’s talking about? Liberals should be concerned
May 3: When Tapper’s panel discussed that new law, an unhelpful pattern emerged

April 30: David Brooks refuses to speak. E. J. Dionne gives him cover
April 29: When S. E. Cupp sat down with the Lamb, The Dumb was all around
April 28: On Glenn Beck’s show, Cass Sunstein loves Mao. Why won’t David Brooks say so?
April 27: In a clueless column, David Brooks rolls over and dies for The Dumb
April 26: A lengthy profile of Mike Allen reveals the world’s greatest problem

April 21: As history beckons, we make a plan to peruse the direction of time
April 20: The Tea Party people can’t beat us, Dionne types. He must have a death wish too
April 19: If Rich and Blow didn’t exist, the RNC would have to invent them

April 16: Voters deserve to hear the full truth about that catchy new song
April 15: Dee Williams has been misled by talk radio. Gwen Ifill doesn't much care
April 14: Leonhardt responds, with lightning speed, to the latest talk-radio folk song
April 13: The Pulitzer folk have come a long way, movin’ on up from Dowd
April 12: Maddow runs us rubes again, this time about filibusters

April 9: Cohen played a race card, reminding us how we were wrong
April 8: Because we’ve Been There, we can offer a few real-world suggestions
April 7: Ravitch’s claims are highly persuasive. Until you look at the data
April 6: Our analysts thought of Chance the Gardner as Ravitch changed course on the schools
April 5: For many years, Diane Ravitch was wrong. Now, she has joined our own tribe

April 2: Maddow’s guest described smart, savvy players. They get little trouble from us
April 1: Gail Collins did something useful today—if you have faith in Gail Collins
March 31: Gingrich explained the death of a child. Yesterday, we followed suit
March 30: Colbert King’s column made us think of the last century’s bigots
March 29: The Parson cleared his thoughtful throat and made a high-minded error

March 26: Welsh describes a failing faculty in his most important work yet
March 25: As Dillon recorded the latest NAEP scores, your HOWLER kept getting results
March 24: Cohen and Herbert are very upset. We can recall what they did
March 23: On Sunday, the lunacy took a defeat. Gormley’s book recalls the day when it took control
March 22: Our MVP goes a bit tribal today. To us, it’s not a good sign

March 20: Explain that, Lehrer said to Shields. Fat chance, our analysts said
March 19: Brother Matthews sold you smack all through an astounding program
March 18: Remember deeming? In today’s Times, the process has been disappeared
March 17: Anderson Cooper played the fool, with back-up from Lady Stoddard
March 16: How much are American journalists paid? Kaus answers Solomon’s question
March 15: We were surprised by a factual claim about the Senate abortion provision

March 12: Where Krugman sees a pretty good bargain, we see an unexplained scandal
March 11: Senator Conrad explained, two times. Macaque-like confusion obtained
March 10: Why would Nelson’s two checks kill the deal? MacGillis didn’t try to explain
March 9: Fearlessly, we took The Klein Challenge concerning The Ben Nelson Language
March 8: Orrin Hatch had a very long list of complaints. Until Rachel Maddow played you

March 6: A tree house grows in Baltimore. Plus, an uplifting pre-Oscar tribute
March 5: Bob Herbert typed an old novel. A writer of childrens’ books balked
March 4: Why does Pam Stout reject sound ideas? Our highest Lord Packer explains
March 3: One bagger’s resistance to sound ideas apparently came from Tom Sowell
March 2: Facts can be elusive things. Just check Sean’s clear explanation
March 1: Steve Benen marveled at one machine, but averted his gaze from another

February 26: Keep explaining, Times editors said, misunderstanding the culture
February 25: Rachel Maddow’s crusade has been a dumb, dishonest mess
February 24: Kucinich is a big hypocrite too, Anderson Cooper said
February 23: Obama should clearly explain, the Times says. Haven’t we tried that before?
February 22: Voters think The Stim was the pits. How does our side do it?

February 19: Why is it easy to beat our side? Wisely, Dionne asked
February 18: When con men peddle flat-earth tales, someone should tell the people
February 17: With masterful dumbness, Tom Friedman asks if we can have real debate
February 16: An expert said the earth is round in John Broder’s hapless report
February 15: Afraid to call Hannity what he is, John Broder made Krugman a prophet

February 12: Horrible numbers emerged from that poll. What do those numbers mean?
February 11: A loaded question in a new poll helps show how “news” works
February 10: Most of us are dummies too. How do we get like that?
February 9: Bookstores offer titles “for dummies.” Our press corps should work the same way
February 8: Your country is dying, Krugman warns. KO keeps driving the process

February 5: As George Will set a new fact in stone, Ron Brownstein pimped Senator Ryan
February 4: Paul Ryan is very smart, our baboon said. Their baboon said something stronger
February 3: Obama failed to answer Ryan–unless you watched Keith and Rachel
February 2: “Gimme an O,” three cheerleaders cried, fawning and pandering hard
February 1: Why did Obama’s session seem smart? Consider Hardball’s discussion

January 29: Friedman begged for “adults only.” Across the page, there sat Dowd
January 28: Sally Quinn describes the price (certain) presidents pay if they don’t play well with the locals
January 27: On the seventh day, we tried to figure why we can't get on-line
January 26: Bob Herbert has good points to make. Instead, he gins a demon
January 25: Everyone wants a commission on debt! Last year, here’s what Krugman said

January 22: Olbermann did something right. We recalled actual history
January 21: Do we progressives still like the people? Frustrated minds want to know
January 20: In theory, defeat can be instructive. Some reactions, churned up last night
January 19: Charles Blow, playing the race card again, shows how progressives flounder
January 18: A profile describes how a major pol is viewed inside suffering Haiti

January 15: Haiti suffers under vast burdens. Among the world’s developed nations, aren’t we a bit like that?
January 14: It's easy to be hard on a candidate when novelists pick-and-choose tales
January 13: A pundit cult chooses a few magic moments from a long White House campaign
January 12: As pundits failed to explain an offense, we thought of that famous old cult
January 11: Krugman pens an important column—and fury surrounds Harry Reid

January 8: Bogey and Bergman will always have Paris. We’ll always have health care reform
January 7: Next time around, progressives should push the other moral argument
January 6: If we want stronger reform the next time, we have to start telling the people
January 5: After health care reform, we’ll need health care reform! How can we win the next time?
January 4: The New York Times pimped familiar old pap, right in the new year’s first letter