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December 31: Bill Wolff arrived from the world of sports—and gave us rubes pro wrestling
December 30: What difference could it possibly make? So our ''press corps'' asked

December 21: We must be the dumbest nation on earth. Surely, this past year has proved it

December 19: Is Nelson sincere in his public writhing? Collins acts like she knows
December 18: David Leonhardt broke our hearts, describing big Medicare fraud
December 17: Lieberman said he proposed a buy-in. Was his statement accurate?
December 16: Leonhardt described “enormous” waste. But how much waste is that?
December 15: Autumn Brewington, third in line, seems to have taken the fall
December 14: Why has Saint McCain flipped on Medicare? Adam Nagourney won’t ask

December 11: Krauthammer shrieks and screeches and wails—and disproves a famous old bromide
December 10: Would that buy-in be a good deal? Don’t ask! Gail Collins loves sex!
December 9: Laura Bush spoke to a group last week. We thought we heard somebody sneer
December 8: Why doesn’t the U.S. embrace health care? Harris-Lacewell made a good point
December 7: Quite correctly, Digby foresaw what a poor immigrant (Maureen Dowd) said

December 4: “Good news,” the New York Times editors cry. The price of insurance will “soar”
December 3: Saint McCain gets a pass in the Times—and our nation gets dumbed a bit more
December 2: Salahi pretended to be a cheerleader. But Dowd’s a pretender too
December 1: The Senate health bill is a turkey. In the Times, Robert Pear doesn’t tell
November 30: Once again, The Big L strikes

November 25: His colleagues were “Heathers,” one major scribe said. Today, the Heathers are us
November 24: We Heathers pick-and-choose our facts. Here–let The Doctor show you
November 23: Doctor Goldberg borrowed a framework the Heathers all used the last time

November 20: Are liberals replacing the mainstream press as the planet’s top Heathers?
November 19: A troubling thought came to mind as we scanned Sarah Palin’s new book
November 18: Your nation may truly be dying of dumb. We’d blame it on Palin—and KO
November 17: Stupak got famous two weekends ago. The Times still hasn’t explained it
November 16: A second Van Winkle emerged at the Post—enabled by your favorite liberals

November 13: Ruth Marcus emerged from a long cozy nap—and spotted “a GOP blizzard”
November 12: Entertainers laughed at Boehner’s mistake. Then, they made their own
November 11: A shrieking host was terrified by the faces he saw on the Hill
November 10: Two pundits explained the GOP plan, exposing Countdown’s real brief
November 9: The 23rd district supported Obama. Sneering, Rich sends them away

November 6: Connolly uses a very large number to hide a tiny goal
November 5: Who has disinformed us rubes? As usual, Kristof won’t tell
November 4: The New York Time channeled our biggest denier for a front-page “report” about Gore
November 3: What ever happened to “affordable?” E. J. Dionne doesn’t care
November 2: Mimicking Beck and playing the fool, Rich keeps us barefoot and clueless

October 30: Olbermann (almost) got it right. Then came Margaret Carlson
October 29: Of course you can challenge opinion journalism. Sometimes, opinion kills
October 28: Fox can (pretty much) do what it wants, Maddow oddly proclaimed
October 27: Fox has advanced a silly claim—but even the HuffPo has bought it
October 26: Joan’s first quoted paragraph tells the truth. Darlings! It just isn’t done

October 24: Once again, the New York Times op-ed page supports an ancient notion
October 23: At a top-secret federal facility located just outside Shepherdstown, West Virginia
October 22: Davey’s liberal use of soft soap continued a growing tradition
October 21: Monica Davey refused to describe the weird things Bachmann has said
October 20: The New York Times broke out the soft soap for a front-page profile of Bachmann
October 19: When Fox pushed back against Dunn’s claims, it pimped absurd distinctions

October 16: Would it kill education writers to flesh out their gloomy tales?
October 15: One time, Fox even fact-checked out statements! So said Dunn to Kurtz
October 14: Anita Dunn went after Fox hard. Did her complaints make sense?
October 13: Anita Dunn pushed back against Fox. Herbert follows suit against Conan
October 12: Will the Baucus Bill reduce health costs? The topic’s too tough for the Times

October 9: Edsall and Matthews help us see how a decade has been disappeared
October 8: The “press corps” served rising conservative power, as we learn all through Branch’s book
October 7: Chris Matthews, dumb as a big box of rocks, knows how to make history disappear
October 6: Fifteen years later, Thomas is truthful about the press corps’ real interest
October 5: Evan Thomas played the fool—and helped us recover some history

October 2: The Times examines the foreign experience—and produces an industry wet dream
October 1: Maureen Dowd simpered and played—just like Corn before her
September 30: Uncle Tom Friedman calls Whitewater bogus–seventeen years too late
September 29: Bob Herbert says we should follow Bill Gates. He doesn’t say where Gates is going
September 28: Paul Krugman is insufficiently shrill in today’s (accurate) column

September 25: Barnicle asked Governor Patrick about opposition and race
September 24: Rich and Sleeper said the same thing. Sleeper seemed to mean it
September 23: Salon’s biographical series on Beck describes a long, massive dumbing
September 22: We liberals make sweeping claims about race. Then, we pretend that we didn’t
September 21: Football teams which know one play lose. Our team is something like that

September 18: The analysts have permission to wake us when Maddow gets it right
September 17: Kristof discussed “the central issue” in T. R. Reid’s new book
September 16: Maureen Dowd heard a very bad word–a word she used to employ
September 15: Unlike his colleagues, Bob Herbert tried to discuss the state of the nation
September 14: Once again, the analysts howled as they read the Times op-ed columns

September 12: Grassley’s a part of Establishment Washington. Colbert King won’t say his name
September 11: The analysts cried and gnashed their teeth when they heard what their Uncle Corn said
September 10: It has been a very good couple of decades for pseudo-con hacks like McCaughey
September 9: A race of fakes now rules the land. Just take a look at that letter
September 8: Gail Wilensky and Betsy McCaughey present a punishing contrast

September 5: We almost imagined a new, improved world as Walsh punched Terry Jeffrey
September 4: The GOP has “messaged” our keisters off. Does our wondrous side really care?
September 3: This should be a Golden Age of Democratic—and liberal—messaging
September 2: It’s easy to be a conservative pundit. The messaging is right at hand
September 1: Our smartest player seemed perplexed by the force of the GOP’s messaging
August 31: American children are back in school. Our experts have returned to their lying

August 29: Kwame Holman discussed Ted Kennedy—and a beautifully poised third-grade child
August 28: How should Democrats push back? Even our very brightest players don’t seem to know how to respond
August 27: Deja vus are widely found as we get our butts kicked—again
August 26: Simon and Henneberger can’t quite explain the rules of our cock-eyed discourse
August 25: Perlstein’s readers just kept asking the world’s most important question
August 24: Reid’s new book appears today. Long live Reid’s new book!

August 22: Chris Matthews remains a very dumb oaf. Why does Joan Walsh love him?
August 21: Why are we losing the health care debate? Consider the silence of friends
August 20: Kitty Pilgrim dreams of the day when Lou Dobbs will hear what she’s said
August 19: CNN reported an astonishing fact—in just over 300 words
August 18: Whistling Dixie, Gawande’s team threw out the foreign experience
August 17: Rick Perlstein would make an excellent wing-nut, several crazed analysts said

August 15: Lady Collins forgot her picnic things–and Lehrer discussed Clinton’s steak
August 14: In an important front-page report, the Times at long last has changed sides
August 13: In April, we laughed at a comical group. Come August, they’re kicking our keisters
August 12: Reasoning wildly, we liberals keep finding a wonderful way to lose
August 11: Before we call the other tribe names, let’s see how our own tribe has functioned
August 10: Why are you getting your keister kicked in the health care debate?

August 8: One scribe got angry–and one scribe didn’t–when they encountered some rubbish
August 6: Someone needs to tell Allan Sloan: Please put that metaphor down
August 5: Robinson can’t recall anything quite this nuts. Like everyone else, we can
August 4: Nine days later, Elizabeth Gates explained a large change in the weather
August 3: A question occurs to Colbert King. Herbert and Rich, not so much

August 1: On the front page of the Washington Post, Ceci Connolly nails an old story
July 31: North Koreans aren’t told about foreign lands. Today, North Korea is us
July 30: We don’t know which of these fellows is lying. And don’t worry–no one will ask
July 29: So Gene Robinson lets us know as he helps Dems shed votes
July 28: For us, the incident’s first “teachable moment” concerned Matthews, Page and Dyson
July 27: Wealth and fame are bad for good people at that “nexus of power:”

July 25: In a neighborly gesture, King helps a bogus claim thrive
July 24: No, it isn’t Obama’s fault. But good lord! What a strange goal!
July 23: Leonhardt came amazingly close to telling us losers the truth
July 22: Rachel is good at winning debates—if only one person is there
July 21: If at first she doesn’t succeed, Rachel starts making up quotes
July 20: The liberal world will remain a big joke—as long as Big Rich is in charge

July 18: The Post shows appalling bad judgment today. Then too, there’s that cartoon
July 17: Rachel Maddow talked about sex. Incomparably, we thought of Plato
July 16: A union’s probe got kicked to the curb—unless you read Dahlia Lithwick
July 15: Goldwater boasted of a conscience. Today’s liberal boasts something else
July 14: Vapid Ann Curry let viewers eat Levi. Was TPM really much different?
July 13: We’re thrilled to see Franken enter the Senate. We remember 1996

July 10: According to Beckett, we wait for Godot. Last night, we kept waiting for Clarke
July 9: Jumping the shark and smelling the glove, Gail Collins melts into self-parody
July 8: Even Dowd didn’t take the bait. Last night, Our Own Scholar did
July 7: Palin maneuvered Richard Cohen into using today’s sexist language
July 6: Todd got rolled by Wasilla’s top shrinks, like famous “fools” before him

July 3: Weymouth was going to stage a soiree. To manufacture consent?
July 2: Ed Schultz got left for dead–as Josh Marshall mooned about Sanford
July 1: After all these years, the Times explores the merits of Canadian health care
June 30: Ceci and Dana are both in the news. The pair go way, way back
June 29: At the Times, they love to hunt those legions of red-state hypocrites

June 27: We’re big fans of Jamison Foser. We augment his recent time-line
June 26: Ezra Klein obeyed a great rule. Froomkin never did
June 25: If we let them name the LIARS, they’ll name Big Dems every time
June 24: Ceci has always been the best when it comes to misleading us rubes
June 23: Everyone on earth knows this. Except our progressive leaders
June 22: Jay Rosen explained the press under Bush. Can he be for real?

June 19: The ladies Dormady know about rationing. At the Times, Leonhardt does not
June 18: Our spirits soared when Leonhardt said he’d tackle that “rationing rhetoric”
June 17: The ladies Dormady have heard from the right. From our side, not so much
June 16: Zeno couldn’t cross a room. And we can’t achieve full coverage
June 15: Krugman’s column made us recall what happened to Rush way back when

June 12: Our guess: The new Miss Cal isn’t pretty enough to make Keith Olbermann mad
June 11: Yesterday’s killing made us think about what happened the last time
June 10: The analysts chuckled as the coven found a new standard of probity
June 9: Pierce’s book arrived in the stores. Greedily, we fell upon it
June 8: Is Sonia Sotomayor a “lightweight?” A flyweight newspaper asked

June 5: Our journalistic gods are nuts. Krugman almost said so
June 4: Charles and Tucker showed how a cult works–and the long, broken trail we’ve been on
June 3: A thought popped into Taylor’s head. No one bothered to fact-check
June 2: George Stephanopoulos spent his day correcting his panel’s failed facts
June 1: David Gregory tried to analyze Sotomayor’s now-famous statement

May 30: We’ve learned to push back at nuts like Liddy. It’s time to push back at a Cult
May 29: It’s sad to review the ongoing yelling about Sotomayor’s nomination
May 28: A cult is trumpeting 32 words. How should smart people respond?
May 27: We were struck by the sorry, crabbed way the Post profiled Sotomayor
May 26: Krugman’s column was essential, as always–except for that one small remark

May 23: Have we been too hard on our cable shows? Consider what Turley said
May 22: We Americans can choose between Fab and Tide–and between two lines of blather
May 21: When big journos play with dolls, they get to dream up what was said
May 20: Robert Draper’s a bit Ceci-esque in his report about Rummy
May 19: Why is progressive cable so light? We sometimes think the answer may lie in the world of Bill Wolff
May 18: Wilkerson bungled his facts–again. But progressives seem to love his fine tales

May 16: The Times and the Post misstated baldly about their new target, Pelosi
May 15: The rubber met the road with Spitzer. First, though, the church of Saint Powell
May 14: Professor Turley had a small cow while KO stalked a brassiere
May 13: Why did KO run that segment? Long ago, Wolff clued us in
May 12: Schieffer was outraged by what Souter said. But does that “quotation” exist?
May 11: Relying on uncertain facts, Schieffer told Cheney to stuff it

May 9: Colin Powell is now a “war hero”–on progressive cable, that is
May 8: Giant events are under way in your world. So Keith limned Joe the Plumber
May 7: Jeffrey Rosen spread a plague. But so did several others
May 6: Why did we say that Dowd was unfair? Several sharp readers asked
May 5: The Post and the Times offered dueling spins. What makes them see things as they do?
May 4: Even Dowd made a decent point about Rice. Why can’t our new best friend see it?

May 1: This week’s striking test results deserve to be seen for themselves
April 30: We liberals never discuss urban schools. Today’s question: People! Why is that?
April 29: Important new test scores were released. So the Post and the Times started spinning
April 28: The Post did a top-notch report on the schools. On cable, we still haven’t heard
April 27: Why did he let that report proceed? Someone forgot to ask

April 25: The chancellor said he doesn’t know if New York’s tests have gotten easier
April 24: Walter Isaacson can’t explain Einstein. Or what occurs in fourth grade
April 23: As Big Dogs warbled a new hit song, Goldstein voiced an objection
April 22: Quoting Kopp and praising the Finns, Tom Friedman has some hot data
April 21: Naomi Klein mocked Larry Summers—and a question popped into our heads
April 20: Clan members have always believed this way. It’s the essence of life in the clan

April 17: I see myself in others, he says. Maddow and Olbermann won’t
April 16: KO’s report may have been the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen on cable
April 15: Maddow was emoting hard—and handing us rubes half a story
April 14: They say Somalia is a failed state. Then too, there’s progressive cable
April 13: CEOs got smoked by Parade. Journalists? Not even one

April 11: Diane Ravitch asked good questions. Reporters should chase down the answers
April 10: Something’s wrong with a big cable host. Let’s start with Anderson Cooper
April 9: Nancy Pelosi knows several things. Progressives should know these things too
April 8: Digby saw two CNN stars display Millionaire Pundit Values
April 7: We were wrong—and Glod was right! But then, so is Juliet Eilperin
April 6: Disinformation rules your discourse. This weekend, the fixers spoke

April 4: This morning’s Post is sadly instructive–and Countdown gives us a treat
April 3: We liberals can be happy at last—as a big net keeps dumbing us down
April 2: Ohhh jeeez! We’d had our fill of this channel’s dishonesty maybe like ten years go
April 1: You might not mind their mugging and clowning—if their reporting was good
March 31: We’re going to discuss that “in depth,” the host said. That’s where the humor began
March 30: A former sports guy—and a former Rhodes Scholar—continue to dumb liberals down

March 27: We think our liberal shows are a wreck. But how can we best explain that?
March 26: Ten years ago, it would have seemed like a dream—two nightly liberal programs
March 25: Hannity pounded at weakling Obama–but so did a second big host
March 24: Like his colleague, Nicholas Kristof believes in high-minded reform
March 23: Understandably, Brooks believe in the experts. Too bad they’re constantly wrong

March 21: Countdown keeps getting dumber and dumber, right before our eyes
March 20: Nancy Pelosi was setting a trap, an Official Dem Guest told the man
March 19: Brooks believes in higher standards—for ten-year children, that is
March 18: David Brooks believes in tests. But how much does he know about schools?
March 17: David Brooks believes in Obama’s agenda. And he believes in the experts
March 16: Foser’s tape recalled the time when Norah O’Donnell pushed back

March 14: Olbermann, he of the hot monkey love, may now be the world’s dumbest person
March 13: Those higher state standards could help some kids. But they can badly harm others
March 12: Obama embraced a ridiculous claim. The New York Times rushed to endorse it
March 11: Obama misstates about the schools. The Washington Post doesn’t notice
March 10: Jim Glassman doesn’t regret that prediction. But then, he’s too big to fail
March 9: Broder typed a standard script–a script which is highly high-minded

March 7: A foolish cartoon in this morning’s Post triggered a jarring query
March 6: It’s easy to write outraged columns on earmarks. Just memorize five easy terms
March 5: The loud dumb fellow got it wrong. His pals were too timid to tell him
March 4: What was Brooks’ major complaint? You aren’t allowed to know that
March 3: News reports help us ponder bullroar’s supply–and demand
March 2: Did Jindal embroider? We’re not sure. But three big liberal stars did

February 27: Keith the Plumber helps us enter the world of the pseudo-lib tribe
February 26: No one doctors quotes, Keith said. Then, he doctored Obama
February 25: It’s hard to run a gang of rubes more briskly than Olbermann did
February 24: Uh-oh! Maureen Dowd’s zombie intellectual culture is now taking root on the web
February 23: Do we know how to fix low-income schools? In the Post, a guest gets it right

February 21: Ceci Connolly shows you why we just keep asking that question
February 20: We thought we’d probably heard it all. Then we heard Chris, Wednesday night
February 19: Keeping it classy, KeithO and Flanders helped show that little has changed
February 18: The GOP made a rather weak claim. But Dan Eggen bungled again
February 17: Sunday’s guest lists favored Dems—except at a rube-running web site
February 16: We’re going to spend another day making our work more polite

February 13: How much pork is in that bill? “Some,” the Post has now said
February 12: It’s hard to learn even the most basic facts about the “compromise” package
February 11: David Denby, like Clark Hoyt before him, seems to be getting results
February 10: Dionne and Herbert construct a Dear Leader. Is this really good for our side?
February 9: How bad is the work of the Times’ “liberal” pundits? A commenter nailed a dear child

February 6: Dana can tell who the Goofuses are. He doesn’t waste time on the merits
February 5: McWhorter described a miracle cure. At one school, it hasn’t happened
February 4: Obama’s slight problem began way back when, in that Cordelia campaign
February 3: McWhorter made a remarkable claim–and TNR put it in print
February 2: McWhorter snorted about public schools. But then, so did Nick Gillespie

January 30: David Denby talks straight about Dowd and Gore. Why won’t our Kewl Kids do likewise?
January 29: Broder’s cohort luvved Ken Starr. Today, they luv somebody else
January 28: As an ice storm bollixed the region, we visited Bill Gates–and Walden
January 27: Ryan Grim said it didn’t exist. Then, he linked you to it
January 26: Colbert King’s column was a disgrace. It captured a 16-year era

January 23: David Broder failed to recall one source of past partisan warfare
January 22: Uh-oh! A famous film-maker—and a famous professor—wasted time about low-income ed
January 21: The career liberal world refused to fight back. Does Steve Clemons’ post show us why?
January 20: Today is a special occasion. But still, you should read Clemons' post
January 19: Jay Rosen defines the sphere of deviance–and leaves some key things out

January 16: Our scribes applaud high standards—for kids. For themselves and Ed Secs, not so much
January 15: On Monday, Bush made a joke. Gail Collins knew just where to take it
January 14: Spellings’ factual claims are correct. But there’s a key flaw in her logic
January 13: Margaret Spellings makes three key claims in today's "Dear Arne" letter
January 12: Margaret Carlson had a feeling last week. On Sunday, a Post pundit did too

January 9: Journalists love those feel-good tales–when they come from our low-income schools
January 8: The facts can undermine pleasing tales. Consider Kristof’s column
January 7: A farm-state pol was seen without socks! To Brokaw, this was a key detail
January 6: The latest scamming-of-Oprah event helps display broken press culture
January 5: Even after all these years, Krugman’s commenters don’t seem to know the way the discourse works