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Archives 2007

December 24: There's no escaping it to the north!

December 21: MSNBC’s Steve Adubato showed us the soul of the corps
December 20: Even Dems think they see liberal bias! Dionne’s account helps explain why
December 19: We asked about the old Howard Kurtz. Today, he appears in the Post
December 18: Did Democrats get “more favorable coverage?” We don’t have the slightest idea
December 17: People in Maryland saw the truth. The liberal web did not

December 14: Brian Williams possesses vast skills. At least, that’s how Williams reports it
December 13: Huckabee writes a classic textbook--and the Post chimes in
December 12: We still refuse to see what’s true. Our tribe still refuses to say it
December 11: Parents should show their children the Post—and tell them they mustn’t be like that
December 10: The work in yesterday’s Post and Times was almost impossibly awful

December 7: Kurtz can barely control his emotions as he limns Brian Williams’ lean years
December 6: Atrios is right about Wayne Dumond. But then too, there's this
December 5: Rudy’s sins were MIA. A stupid discussion was not
December 4: Howard Kurtz knows how to fluff Tim Russert’s well-coiffed trophy wife
December 3: Howard Kurtz—and the New York Times—got busy enabling Rudy

November 30: Bored to tears, Cramer could see it. Gore didn’t have what it takes
November 29: Hapless Mark Halperin can’t seem to kick his life-long addiction to narrative
November 28: Good God! Mika Brzezinski had no idea that Clinton had ever been polled
November 27: Nothing has changed, Kevin Drum says. But then, he’s a true Flat Earth Liberal
November 26: Kurtz’s book is exceptionally bad. For that reason, we strongly recommend it

November 21: Gloria Balton defined a problem—a problem Michelle Rhee can solve
November 20: Jack Welch’s hirelings went after Clinton–and towel-snapped softballs to Rudy
November 19: Maureen Dowd (and Chris Matthews) are barely sane. When will we stand up and say so?

November 16: Weird! We read Obama’s book—and discovered Clinton’s plan
November 15: Matthews ridiculed Wolf and Gore—and won Joan Walsh’s approval
November 14: Matthews’ loathing of women has long been clear. Why won’t lib journals say so?
November 13: Eight years ago, just like today, Matthews was picking your candidate
November 12: The most remarkable fact about Chris Matthews is the fact that he never gets profiled

November 9: Welch built a team of Archie Bunkers. One of them went off last night
November 8: Tim was magnificent, Matthews said, finally explaining what happened
November 7: On Hardball, Matthews is troubled again—by tape of Clinton clapping
November 6: A brilliant ad was blatantly wrong. Matthews agreed not to notice
November 5: The Times’ twin stooges, Dowd and Rich, predictably swung into action

November 2: This always happens, the pundits have said. As always, their statement is false
November 1: Gallant says liberal leaders don’t get it. Goofus feels full-blown contempt
October 31: Welch’s Lost Boys went after the witch, tee-ing it up for their brothers
October 30: Why are Republicans on the attack? Josh refuses to answer
October 29: Pundits cheered when Bradley trashed Gore. Now, someone else takes a turn

October 26: We’d love to see Klein’s book reviewed–and we think you might should read it
October 25: When we scanned Sally Bedell Smith’s new book, we saw where “history” comes from
October 24: When Kurtz makes a minor mistake, he's "trusted." But Krugman gets the back of a hand
October 23: It’s the law! Naomi Klein’s important new book is being ignored all around
October 22: A professor newly arrived from Mars can’t explain all that strange Clinton hatred

October 19: Krugman’s a hero, Mike is just good. But both of them slid past the press corps
October 18: A portrait of a Village soiree really deserves to be read
October 17: Gabler and Lyons and Hall know the things your “mainstream press corps” won’t tell you
October 16: Jonathan Chait kept his trap shut back then. Today, he invents some new history
October 15: We thought Bob Herbert had done it all. Today, Paul Krugman is worse

October 12: How many times do we liberals plan to get ourselves punked by the Post?
October 11: We’ve decided not to post about Anne Kornblut’s report
October 10: We marveled when Balz drew sweeping conclusions from ten—count em, ten!—Hawkeye voters
October 9: The Dean pretended he hadn’t heard when Cole predicted a rout
October 8: The Washington Post staged its formal debut all through Sunday’s paper

October 5: Life’s a joke to pseudo-cons—and to such liberals as Collins
October 4: Clinton tugged on Superman’s cape—and the Raccoons swung into action
October 3: Why is Rich so hard on Dems? We’d call him an Upscale Provincial
October 2: Collins and Broder and all the Raccoons played a sick, stupid old ball game
October 1: Angry villagers banded together, certain that Russert knew best

September 28: Russert bungled Social Security, as he has done through the years
September 27: A multi-millionaire can’t get over the cost of John Edwards’ vile haircuts
September 26: The second time Willie Horton was used, Bob Herbert kept his trap shut
September 25: The Times assumes that high-scoring schools know how to help low-scoring kids
September 24: Anne Kornblut, the dumbest person on earth, complains about long-winded Clinton

September 21: Second-best is the best we can get, Krugman correctly warns us
September 20: The Man, Eric A, is only half right about a crucial narrative
September 19: As we rearrange and mop, we come out and say it—we’re bollixed
September 18: Kevin thought that Rudy was doomed. This morning, Richard Cohen thinks different
September 17: Our ISP has driven us mad. We assume we’ll return on the morrow

September 14: Pandering to his dumbest viewers, Matthews flogged Foster again
September 13: Media Matters does a great study—except in the case of Queen Dowd
September 12: When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way—and it’s like that for straight-shooters
September 11: Kyra said that David was a straight-shooter—even though he was talking pure bunk
September 10: As always, a gang of pundits knew who we should trust

September 7: As Karl Rove plans Campaign 08, his thoughts may drift to Red Klotz
September 6: Hundt got mad—but wouldn’t name names! We Dems just don’t seem to care
September 5: Nothing to look at, some leaders will say, much as they’ve said all along
September 4: The Post perp-walks two indicted Dems. Indicted Reps gets disappeared

August 31: Tom DeLay condemned liberal bias. We liberals kept playing it dumb
August 30: Modern Democrats love to pimp the RNC’s hoaxes for them
August 29: A. B. Stoddard recited a script—a script with a long, ugly history
August 28: No matter how badly our hopefuls get played, we liberals refuse to complain
August 27: Character problem are only for Dems. The pattern is clear—and expanding

August 24: Wild embellishment is a character problem—if it’s done by Dems
August 23: They pretended that Gore was lying. Saint Rudy actually is
August 22: Kornblut doesn’t care for Clinton. Her cohort doesn’t like Edwards
August 21: Only Dems can have character problems. Reaction to Saint Rudy proves it
August 20: Was Thompson mobbed when he went to the fair? Inquiring minds ought to ponder

August 17: It's stunning to think that work this bad appears at the top of our press corps
August 16: Clinton is “the other white meat,” smarmy Anne Kornblut now says
August 15: Want to know how the other side wins? Consider Matt’s post on the “hack gap”
August 14: Does Matthews have a problem with women? Do his insults toward HRC count?
August 13: Back then, this gave us President Bush. Are you ready for President Rudy?

August 10: Newsweek debunked a denial machine—and Jon Meacham started to sweat
August 9: The mayor is rushing new books to the schools. Our question: Can schoolchildren read them?
August 8: It happened during Campaign 2K. Are you happy with how it turned out?
August 7: Observers thrilled to the latest news—about a high school senior
August 6: They won’t discuss health care, Edwards said. Once again, Toner proves it

August 3: Collins “deferred” on Rudy’s health plan—so she could beat on his wife
August 2: On the day that Edwards spoke, Collins typed typical trivia
August 1: Edwards dared to talk about trivia. This morning, the punishment starts
July 31: As the darlings erase their old trivia, they invent more—on page one
July 30: Clinton leads Rudy in ten of twelve polls. Guess which two Russert presented?

July 27: CNN staged a worthless debate. But that’s how their lofty class functions
July 26: Arthur Branch is a fictional character—except on page one of the Post
July 25: On Hardball, Matthews raised a key point: Michael Moore’s too goddam fat!
July 24: “I love to confuse people,” Matthews said. Speaking with Moore, he proved it
July 23: Barnicle didn’t seem to have heard that a treasured old novel was fiction

July 20: When it comes to the press corps’ trivia tours, voters must learn to say no
July 19: Bush philosophizes about health care—and we recall the history
July 18: Lovable tykes want their sugary stew. Journos insist on their trivia
July 17: The press corps continued its “trivia tour” as Edwards tried to talk about poverty
July 16: Harold Evans recalls a dark day—and points the way to the future

July 13: Republicans haven't said squat about health care. So Toner just fudged basic facts
July 12: Know-nothing pundits know one thing. They know how to look down on teachers
July 11: A reader can’t find Rhee in the Journal—but she tells an inspiring tale
July 10: The New York Times is up to old tricks in its slick, silly, sad campaign coverage
July 9: The local press seems to be taking a pass on DC’s new school poobah

July 6: We give up! There’s just no way to describe this fatuous press corps
July 5: On NPR, Cokie’s daughter bungles the Plame case again
July 3: The narrative of the miracle cure lives on in DC’s city council
July 2: Russert misstated elementary facts. It’s high time the public was told

June 29: Oddly, Mooney finds it “odd” when the Post plays the fool about Gore
June 28: Kathleen Parker was worried—again—by the color of Dem women's hair
June 27: Sometimes a victory cigar is just a cigar—unless you’re a big Sunday pundit
June 26: At long last, Fitzgerald expressed his view—and the press corps failed to report it
June 25: The clowns spilled out of the Volkswagen bus—but they’re missing from Gore’s newest book

June 22: Today, the Post plays the fool about Gore. Long ago, they were bent on destruction
June 21: The powers that be were working their will in Maureen Dowd’s latest column
June 20: Gore is right, the Post review said. But so what? He’s just so annoying
June 19: Deborah Howell has her hands full with the Post’s childish war against Gore
June 18: It went from Bernstein to Baker to Matthews—and it showed us the shape of our discourse

June 15: Patrick Healy finds a way to type a treasured word
June 14: Obama did nothing wrong, they typed. And then, they kept on typing
June 13: Alter vouches for Gore—today. But here’s what he said when it mattered
June 12: You tell yourself they can’t get dumber. On Sunday, the hapless Post did
June 11: Carl Bernstein defines dishonesty down on an appalling book tour

June 8: Cheers rang out as Krugman told part of a critical, 15-year tale
June 7: A former icon has embarrassed himself as he crashes about selling books
June 6: Have test scores risen since 2002? The feel-good Post doesn’t care
June 5: Herbert kisses up to Gore. We recall what actually happened
June 4: Chris Matthews keeps trashing our Big Major Dems—and our big liberal journals keep dozing

June 1: The press waged war against Gore for two years. Largely, our journals slept
May 31: David Brooks insulted Gore. At long last, Times readers pushed back
May 30: At the Prospect, one person spoke—and readers howled in protest
May 29: Friday morning, the Post savaged Clinton. And four liberal journals slept

May 25: When Gore is still trashed—while Thompson is praised—the system is blindingly obvious
May 24: We libs still have our heads in the sand. We’ve met Stupid—and Stupid is Us
May 23: John Pomfret must be a bright man. So how was this drek thrust upon him?
May 22: O’Donnell “balanced” Garrigan’s fawning by trashing all known Major Dems
May 21: Fawning hard to fun-lovin’ Fred, a Post piece says: Vote for Stupid!

May 18: This cult will strike in Campaign 08. Dems and libs must prepare
May 17: Tenet has a very good sense of how they fed Woodward that story
May 16: When we read George Tenet’s book, we thought of Karen Tumulty
May 15: Tenet writes clearly in his new book—and uncovers a threat to our freedoms
May 14: By rule of law, it’s the candidate’s fault when journalists bollix abortion

May 11: Why did Matthews ask dumb questions? Bored silly, Broder explains it
May 10: Reid may be treasonous, Welch’s Boy said. As usual, we libs sat and took it
May 9: Kristol ridiculed Matthews’ work. Our analysts lustily cheered
May 8: NBC ran both debates. So why were the sessions so different?
May 7: To their credit, the candidates laughed at Chris Matthews’ sad, stupid question

May 4: Waging his endless haircut wars, Roger Simon says good-bye to all that
May 3: We nominate him for a Nobel Prize–and see the fabrications continue
May 2: Even now, Cohen and Dowd can’t get their chronologies straight
May 1: Would you want to hear Clinton's voice in your hot tub? Katty Kay had to decide
April 30: Brian Williams once said he loves Rush. Last Thursday evening, he proved it

April 27: A startling bit of Howler History may show us how summer homes work
April 26: Gregory threw a baby shower. But why was Chertoff there?
April 25: Your press corps loves to talk about swag–except when the swag is its own
April 24: At first, we were drawn to Gregory's world by those Nantucket nuptials
April 23: Pssst! McCain was made up by the Pink Sapphire too! And it’s time for Dowd to go

April 20: Just how sure is the IPCC? Readers are given three choices
April 19: Suddenly, Broder turns on his gang —but he maintains his gang’s standards
April 16: If we could wave a magic wand, we'd take the dumbness away

April 13: It wasn’t OK to trash Rutgers women. (Good!) But it was OK to trash Satan
April 12: Dale didn't like the UN's facts. So she invented a new one
April 11: The AP made that UN report very clear. But a string of big papers still bungled
April 10: Has anyone ever pandered as hard as Sycophant Oliphant did?
April 9: How sure is the IPCC about warming? The Post and the Times still aren't sure

April 6: Darn it! What a terrible time for the Post to publish Eisner's report
April 5: We thought we knew what Bush might have said—if he could speak to us truly
April 4: Matt Dowd fled a sinking ship, much like his partner before him
April 3: Matt Dowd said that Bush was bad. So we ran to vouch for his motives
April 2: Matt Dowd tells a sad, silly tale - and Rutenberg types every word

March 30: Scripted by a mad Russian scientist, Fred Thompson announced: Mars is warming!
March 29: At HuffPo, Mooney described three parts—of an ongoing, four-part problem
March 28: It was depressing. But C-SPAN's session showed us the shape of the age
March 27: A clueless scribe from an insider rag is told that Mars is warming
March 26: In effect, they're a criminal class. We have to learn how to describe them

March 23: Brilliantly, Waldman corrected a lie. Walsh let a new lie spread
March 22: Rising temperatures threaten our world--and Bjorn Lomborg has poisoned our discourse
March 21: Roberts, Boehlert, Lemieux and Foser point the way to a bright, shining future
March 20: Conservative kooks went after Gore. And so did our own private Mooney
March 19: Is Easterbrook a bit of a nut? William Broad didn't want you to ask

March 16: Does Broad have politics? We don't know. But the question does have to be asked
March 15: Apples and oranges litter the highway as Broad fails the nation again
March 14: Don Easterbrook may not reed reel gudd. Ditto the Times' William Broad
March 13: Tucker and Willie are very stupid. But they're good Stasi boys, through and through
March 12: Pundits sang a favorite old tune when they gave us the nonsense of Drawl-gate

March 9: Sensible citizens still don't grasp the shape of our gong-show discourse
March 7: Judith Warner refuses to say who the real ''idiocracy'' is
March 6: Mike Judge's idiocracy is already present. Consider the Times' latest profile
March 5: Dowd is a cleaned-up version of Coulter. Wikipedia offers some context

March 2: Liberals write to the New York Times--and recite Ole Massa's stories
March 1: Useless then, vicious now. Sic semper name-calling Herbert
February 28: Nexis recalled Cohen’s trashing of Gore—and our own published rebuttal
February 27: Al Sharpton--one of our wisest observers--puts it where it belongs. Right on us
February 26: Until we explain this tribe to the public, they'll live on--to slaughter again

February 23: In the 90s, Kakutani made him a loon. On Sunday, Gore's work may be honored
February 22: Progressives hate the RNC--but love the RNC's narratives
February 21: Dowd and Matthews let us see the shape of the coverage to come
February 20: Long ago, the Post's Sally Quinn explained Matthews' hatred of Clinton
February 19: K-Drum saw the glass half full in Stephen Braun's right-on report

February 16: GOP saints are flipping wildly. Some pundits don't seem to have heard
February 15: A second liberal blogger gets fooled about Clinton--and Obama explains the whole thing
February 13: Matthews had time to ask five questions. Two dealt with Clinton's old joke
February 12: Kurtz doesn't know what Clinton said--thanks to Chris Cillizza

February 9: Four “news” programs ginned a fake tale, making a joke out of warming
February 8: Edwards should get Brenda Lee to sign--and try not to be like Bill Bradley
February 7: On Monday and Tuesday, celebrity pundits hammered a frame around Clinton
February 6: Fifteen years of liberal silence is finally explained by Josh Marshall
February 5: Mosk clouds Clinton's stance on the war--and he withholds the key facts

February 2: Atop page one, the Times quotes a barber–making false claims RE Barack
February 1: Matthews and Barnicle quickly saw that Biden was part of the clan
January 31: Matthews and Dowd keep trashing women. We’d call it a family tradition
January 30: Hey you big dumb stupid f*ck-wad! HRC told her joke about you!
January 29: In today’s Post, Dan Balz helps spread a canard about Hillary Clinton

January 26: Clinton is leading McCain in the polls—but Fineman refuses to tell you
January 25: The spins against Clinton are already numerous. Dems need to master each one
January 24: When Kornblut spun the Clinton event, we thought of the late Johnny Apple
January 23: Over the weekend, it finally hit us—this may be as bad as 2000
January 22: Dionne has been a gutless bastard for roughly the past dozen years

January 19: Channeling Atrios, we recall the birth of the corps’ Clinton rules
January 18: We interrupt our tedious series to further a point made by Atrios
January 17: Maureen Dowd, debunking Bush, proved she’s the world’s dumbest human
January 16: If we plan to take back the discourse, Dionne and Shields must finally go
January 15: Andrew Revkin has been thinking too hard about the science of global warming

January 12: Peter Beinart, a scrub-faced lad, seems to know that he must never notice
January 11: At the Post, Romano and Milbank teach us the science of image
January 10: When Atrios remarked on Joe Klein, he brought a loud talker to mind
January 9: Cringeworthy boys at our liberal journals need to just shut the f*ck up
January 8: How have the ''very rich'' fared under Bush? The innumerate Times fails to say

January 5: Imus and Barnicle praised the saints. No Democrats need apply
January 4: Brooks wants a “dimwit over-class”—and proves that he’s already in one
January 3: The liberal web should start working now to address the campaign's budding scripts
January 2: Nine years later, that woman—Miss Lewinsky—is still the first thing on his mind