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Archives 2006

December 29: Today, a Dem can’t even go skiing, all thanks to our man of the year
December 28: The Post’s Gene Robinson just couldn’t wait to mention Obama’s middle name

December 21: Josh didn’t worry during Campaign 2K. He plans to not worry again
December 20: Chris Matthews has a jones about Clinton that just won’t let his soul go
December 19: The New McCain takes brainless new stands. But he’s still thoroughly honest
December 18: Aggressively using the passive voice, the Post starts to type its new novel

December 15: Once again, a remarkable pundit shows us the soul of her press corps
December 14: Greenfield complains about broken rules—now. He didn’t complain when it mattered
December 13: What happens when boards of ed “raise their standards?” The Washington Post helps us see
December 12: Edsall, Marshall and Dionne all recite requisite liturgy
December 11: Digby is peeved at Sally Quinn—and we’re slightly peeved at Digby

December 8: The New York Times is wonderfully sure about that achievement gap
December 7: Feingold provides a rule of the road. Helpfully, we cite another
December 6: Marcus wants to tackle a problem—a problem she doesn’t define
December 5: Who’s the actual debutante here? Our vote is in—Michael Kinsley!
December 4: Our analysts wailed when their favorite professor novelized Bush’s vile conduct

December 1: We could decide to succeed, Tough says. We don’t know why he says that
November 30: Estonia's leader read only one book. Bush fell in love with his program
November 29: Long before they set foot in school, low-income kids face a struggle
November 28: Paul Tough’s soft piece in Sunday’s Times is extremely important
November 27: Dems pursued a laudable goal—and Tom Edsall begs them to stop

November 22: Ruth Marcus catches George Bush. Incomparably, we catch ourselves
November 21: Senator Straight-Talk has flipped once again. How will the press corps proceed?
November 20: We were puzzled when two top liberals failed to correct a bad script

November 17: “It’s a national disgrace,” Bybee said. Readers knew that the Times really cares
November 16: David Brooks can’t recognize jokes. But he can tell us all about Borat
November 15: Richard Cohen, clueless as ever, thinks he caught Bush in a lie
November 14: Tim asks Saint John—for the ten millionth time—if he’s running for president yet
November 13: Congratulations to the Post for pushing ahead with this story

November 10: When will pundits decide that the “Freak Show” has to be cited—and stopped?
November 9: Is it true? Has an era ended? Tomorrow, we’ll voice our doubts
November 8: Pundits said that Steele was brilliant. So he deceived us again
November 7: Broder is there to dream his weak dreams. And Ana is there to be silly
November 6: The Post’s Marc Fisher is better by far than the vile men he must cover

November 3: Mr. O(lbermann) was playing the fool—until Thomas Ricks slapped him down
November 2: On Tuesday’s Hardball, a born-again talker worshiped a great new god–Context
November 1: VandeHei mitigates Kerry’s bungle—and he ignores Bush’s lies
October 31: Where was E. J. during the 90s? At long last, the truth becomes clear
October 30: Twenty-four years later, Strauss gets it right—but Fred Hiatt still hasn’t heard

October 27: Boys like these have a Freak Show Within—a Freak Show which won’t let them go
October 26: Before the boys can tell us what's true, they have to say things which are false
October 25: The press corps grossly misbehaved, the boys say. Then they say it was all Al Gore’s fault!
October 24: Seven years later, Harris and Halperin start telling the truth—very slowly
October 23: Bob O’Connor never gave up. God bless Bob O’Connor

October 19: Do Dems face a structural disadvantage in the House? Alterman seems to say yes
October 18: Six years later, the Post’s Ignatius can’t see the freak within
October 17: Hillary’s office makes a disclosure—and gets out in front of the freaks
October 16: Krugman revisits a powerful problem. Why don't Big Dems seem to care?

October 12: The Post’s ideas for fixing our schools seem to come straight from the can
October 11: Harris couldn't tell Charlie the truth. So he gave him a pile of pure bull-roar
October 10: Harris and Halperin get some things right. But uh-oh! They face a large problem
October 9: Starting tomorrow, Harris and Halperin. Today, though, a rich potpourri

October 6: The Post has found a graduate student who writes like an actual expert
October 5: Like pigs in mud, the pundit corps rediscovers the Joy of Sex
October 4: A treasured old lie was no longer enough. So Hannity gave us a new one
October 2: Neal Gabler offers a spot-on critique of Wallace’s question to Clinton

September 29: We’ve finally been shown how to fight, we say, reciting a line of pure bull-roar
September 28: DC's newly-crowned Funny Celeb chronicles House dating woes
September 27: A sensitive reader can’t imagine why her tribe shouldn’t swoon for Frank Rich
September 26: If we actually cared about outcomes, we’d care about Senior’s critique
September 25: Toner and Kurtz play it massively dumb, destroying a major experiment

September 22: Six years later, a lawless old dean explains why he pandered to Bush
September 21: As we read George Allen’s mind, we damage Webb’s chance for an upset
September 20: When Al Gore made his formal proposal, the nation’s Big Press chose to doze
September 19: Professional pundits—like Gene Robinson—love the feel of a good novel
September 18: Bush dissembled, and Raddatz took it. But then, it's standard practice

September 15: God has given Bush a vision–and courtiers like David Brooks
September 14: Series continues Friday, we hope
September 13: Senator Bond refused to respond. Margaret Warner said that was “OK”
September 12: Class, let’s review what we may have forgotten about Virginia’s fake test scores
September 11: Cheney used Zarqawi to justify the war. And Russert gave Cheney a pass

September 8: It’s easy to explain the charges against ABC—unless you’re a star at the Times
September 7: Josh Marshall asks what Siegel did wrong—and stumbles a bit in his answer
September 6: This year, she’s a former ed writer. This time next year, she’ll be more
September 5: America’s kids are back in school—and our “experts” are back in the saddle

September 1: What will we do in Campaign 08 when the press corps helps voters “imagine?”
August 31: Chris Matthews’ panel unveiled a new script about Saint McCain’s moral greatness
August 30: Once again, a scribe finds it “easy to imagine” the heroics of Saint John McCain
August 29: Clinton was in Africa, working on AIDS. So naturally, the Times thought of Monica
August 28: Why on earth do we libs, progs and Dems keep ourselves so misinformed?

August 25: Back home on our sprawling campus, we review the week's oddest report
August 21: Holed up off the coast oif New Hampshire, we'll lay low for the rest of the week

August 18: Our of our favorites, Kevin Drum, explains why we liberals won’t fight
August 17: No one Klein knows believes Ann Coulter! But readers, let’s go to the tape
August 16: A fatuous piece in TNR helps show us the way Coulter conquers
August 15: The Post’s Peter Baker is very upset—about a long-standing practice
August 14: Howard Kurtz isn’t dumb. But yesterday's question was

August 11: Time's Mike Allen may have the written the worst “news report” of all time
August 10: David Brooks, name-calling hard, shares his deep love of high standards
August 9: Twisting logic and language all around, Matt pretends that Bob Kagan really meant it
August 8: Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss! So said Jon Chait to Bob Kagan
August 7: No big paper reports as poorly as the New York Times

August 4: Throw back your heads and laugh out loud as we “Dems and progressives fight back:”
August 3: Roger Ebert shows us the price we pay when we’re too dumb to deal with the Coulters
August 2: The Post and Times disappear a savant—with a lesson for Campaign 08
August 1: Digby mocks Alter's irrational fear. We think Dig's overstating
July 31: What should we fear about Campaign 08? Anne Kornblut doesn’t seem to have heard

July 28: Big Dem hopefuls keep getting slandered—and only John Dean seems to care
July 27: Boehlert re-tells a crackpot tale. But why weren’t the voters suspicious?
July 26: Grunwald repeats some standard tales–tales which make all Dems seem feckless
July 25: Seven years later, a major Post scribe cops to a puzzling fact
July 24: A Nutmeg Nabob spoke against Clinton. But other Big Dems spoke up too

July 21: We puzzled hard when a new documentary got a bit slick with its ad
July 20: Brokaw’s remark about Gore’s film recalled some key Howler History
July 19: Mayor Daley ran the rubes—and the Tribune let him
July 18: The ground moved under Saint McCain’s feet when Matthews came out for Saint Rudy
July 17: Hillary gets the famous Gore treatment—the treatment we libs won’t discuss

July 14: Krugman has heard that same odd chatter about this great economy
July 13: Jack Welch told a Nantucket neighbor about this great economy
July 12: Sheryl Stolberg selected the stats which reflect her cohort’s crabbed values
July 10: Incomparably, we cut-and-paste Harwood—and warn of a road to defeat

July 7: A famous Gore flack, reciting old tales, helps us see why the truth must be told
July 6: Pity the kids, if their interests depend on the work of the great New York Times
July 5: You know what happened on Sunday’s shows—unless you dropped by the lake

June 30: We think the voters deserve to know—the spring was a season for spinning
June 29: A remarkable story—and the rise of search engines—make this a book like none other
June 28: How did George Bush ever get to the White House? At long last, the tale should be told
June 27: Our public discourse is a flat joke. An excerpt helps show how we got here
June 26: Russert asked an excellent question. Broder refused to respond

June 23: Fred and Brit pimped those WMD—and Mara pulled her punches
June 22: Norah O’Donnell’s closing pander outlined the script for 08
June 21: Sad to say, Digby is right about those Clinton Rules
June 20: Dems face an uphill slog this fall. Dan Balz doesn’t seem to know why
June 19: Harold Evans—and Christy Hardin Smith—dig up our disappeared history

June 16: We’ll be back Thursday
June 12: Explaining our latest interruption in service

June 9: Why has a liberal like Rich trashed Gore? We answer our e-mailer’s question
June 8: Cokie Roberts gives us a taste of our recent and outrageous history
June 7: Right to the end, he Frankly proclaimed—Bush and Gore were equally dumb
June 6: A talker’s nose is where it fits best—right inside Bill Clinton’s trousers
June 5: Before the Swift Boats, we had Love Story. And Frankly, it came straight from Rich

June 2: Rich says Gore was right in 02. Back in 02, he said different
June 1: Gore had made a string of sound judgments. But omigod! Someone laughed at his jokes!
May 31: Gore was right on every big judgment. But Rich is in love with a narrative
May 30: Tom Toles’ cartoon is long overdue. At long last, it tells us what happened

May 26: Omigod! Krugman starts to tell voters the truth—and at TNR, Beinart still refuses
May 25: Broder was bored by Hillary too—and wants us to get back to sex
May 24: All good pundits are channeling Klein, whose book is a crime on the culture
May 23: What actually happened in Campaign 2K? Many pundits are sworn not to tell
May 22: Al Gore was right all along. But to Matthews and Klein, he’s still crazy

May 19: Klein said McCain was “almost laughable.” Today, though, he rewrites the facts
May 18: We thought we learned something new about Gore as we watched his astounding new film
May 17: Our White House campaigns are decided by scripts—and we liberals still can’t seem to see them
May 16: Attention must be paid to those scripts! So we cheered when a top writer went there
May 15: Peter Daou is perfectly right—and by the rules, John McCain must be honest

May 12: Broder lowered the bar for McCain--and projected his views on the voters
May 11: Broder and Atrios look at Joe Klein. Neither dude is worth your trouble
May 10: That was then and this is now, Digby seems to be saying
May 9: When we rant about fish tales, we make Richard Cohen a prophet
May 8: When liberal savants praise Al Gore, could they possibly get their facts right?

May 5: We agree—McCain won’t “sell his soul.” We’re less sure with Klein and Ignatius
May 4: Peter Beinart—a very good boy—has kept his mouth shut for six years
May 3: Joe Klein lies in the reader’s face–and shows us his dreadful ethics
May 2: To Klein, Dem hopefuls are all inauthentic. But one must be Most Fake of All
May 1: Joe Klein’s new book is fake and inane. And Beinart is there to applaud him

April 28: That script will work in Campaign 08—thanks to Kirsten Powers
April 27: We chuckled as a cable talker trashed Dems—and praised Tony Blair
April 26: The press will call the next Dem hopeful “fake.” Dems should start to plan for this now
April 25: Fourteen years later, Bold Leader caught on—with Bumiller there to record it
April 24: Gore could still become near-perfect--and we tell you how

April 21: Eric was right in 2002. It’s time to demand mea culpas
April 20: Why are Gore’s current numbers so low? Let’s revisit the clowning of Cohen
April 19: Richard Cohen played you for fools when he said that Gore is near-perfect
April 18: We tag low-scoring schools as “failures.” But which schools can help struggling kids?
April 17: Did Scooter play games with Judith Miller? The Times—and The Lake—overstate

April 15: The Times is high-minded—and largely fact-free— about the Omaha schools
April 14: The Post says one county’s black kids are failing—but key data have been left behind
April 13: As we told you, his filing didn’t quite make sense. By Tuesday night, Fitz came around
April 12: No Child's remedies make perfect sense—except for the logic of failure
April 11: When deserving kids are years behind, simple logic may stop making sense
April 10: Few folk have ideas about low-income schools. Today, the Post’s editors prove it

April 8: On C-SPAN and in the Times letter section, the public is irate--and confused
April 7: Bloomberg wants to create more charters. Our question: Will he supervise them?
April 6: Did ReadNet have an educational plan? Gootman never quite asks
April 5: Gootman gives us tales of heartbreak—the tears of a charter school down
April 4: What happened at ReadNet Charter School? We’ll ask that basic question all week
April 3: Is Countdown actually on a roll? Here are the actual data

April 1: Unlike name-callers Kinsley and Robinson, Baker discussed some real issues
March 31: A bit of Magical Thinking in Maryland leads to a timely epilogue
March 30: Today, we ask a basic question: Did Ruben ever have science books?
March 29: Ruben is taking three classes a day. But is he actually learning?
March 28: What on earth is Ruben reading? Or is he just doing cheap drills?
March 27: Ruben Jimenez wants to cut up a frog–an act which could make him a reader

March 25: We strongly suggest that you watch “This Week”—and recall how Bush reached the White House
March 24: Voucher schools could help some kids. But would they solve the Big Problem?
March 23: The Journal Sentinel described voucher schools which were “alarming,” not fine
March 22: When Tierney praised Milwaukee’s vouchers, an expert pithily answered
March 21: Tierney praised Milwaukee’s vouchers. We had some instant reactions
March 20: In our view, Edds is a tiny bit soft. But she (almost) gets it right

March 17: Parents uttered whoops of joy. But uh-oh! There were two major problems
March 16: Omigod! Our original understanding of Virginia’s retesting turned out to be correct
March 15: Good news! The Virginian-Pilot is trying to learn what its state’s passing rates really meant
March 14: Uh-oh! The Post’s favorite school had the second-lowest score in the state
March 13: Santa came early to schools in Virginia. We’ve ask Suzanne Tate to report

March 11: Just in! Reporter at big Virginia daily decides not to trust lyin’ eyes!
March 10: What do Maury kids really need? They need their state to stop
March 9: Thanks to Virginia's outright fraud, some schools are better than perfect
March 8: Jay misstates Virginia’s procedure—a procedure which adds up to fraud
March 7: Here at the Howler, we like Jay Mathews. But this time, he still has it wrong
March 6: Fred Hiatt’s column in today’s Post raises an obvious question

March 3: What should Gabriela have studied? Our answer invokes a sad song
March 2: The DC schools have a new master plan—one which avoids the whole problem
March 1: Modern liberals don’t care about low-income kids. We dropped out decades ago
February 28: “Faddish” theories help produce an Era of Magical Thinking
February 27: A reader poses some excellent questions. We postpone our series to answer

February 25: Does anyone ever give accurate data to Post education reporters?
February 24: A ninth-grade class needed massive review. How did they get left behind?
February 23: Thousands of kids are quitting school—because we maintain low standards for school boards
February 22: A brilliant report in the L. A. Times begins with a child left behind
February 21: The Post profiles the new superintendent—and once again skips his ideas

February 17: Charles Carroll’s new super has made a key pledge. But will he be able to keep it?
February 16: Why do states back down from their threats? They know it don’t come easy
February 15: When their threats and demands don’t work, states tend to drop back and punt
February 14: When “threats” and “demands” don’t work, what then? Education elites have no answer
February 13: A lauded new movie helps us explore the lives of low-income schoolchildren

February 10: Newspapers should reconsider the tale of “The Low-Income School that Could”
February 9: The Washington Post must insist: Will the real Maury School please stand up?
February 8: 27 percent became 92—through the wonder of expedited retakes
February 7: How do schools get ranked under NCLB? The process is “like sampling wine:”
February 6: NCLB demands success. But so did those Soviet farm plans

February 3: How dumb is our political discourse? Let’s check out the role of the Dems
January 31: Russert tried to “clarify”—and left things clear as mud
January 30: Truman’s show turned out to be fake. How about Katie Couric’s?

January 28: Olbermann wondered, What is truth? So he asked his truthiest colleague
January 27: Yes, the liberal web will fight. But is it prepared to fight smart?
January 26: Peter Daou makes good, clear sense--and a Major Dem gets in the Hundt
January 25: E.J. shows us—all too well—why Rove’s approach just keeps working
January 23: Bumiller know what George Bush read—because a White House source told her

January 21: Today’s New York Times describes the progress of an admirable parent
January 20: Josh’s post is right as rain—but it’s part of a much larger story
January 19: Why did college grad scores drop? For one thing, there were more college graduates
January 18: Raising standards always sounds good—which is why many savants prescribe it
January 17: Stupid is as John Stossel does. Here--let ABC prove it

January 14: Houston is trying to “help prevent” cheating. Newspapers ought to discuss it
January 13: Houston institutes merit pay—and the New York Times flags a key problem
January 12: Romano's experts were appalled. But the NAAL showed literacy rising
January 11: The Post reports on adult literacy—and makes instant reading mistakes
January 10: A San Jose teacher—and an ex-textbook czar—weight in about readable books
January 9: Uh-oh! The NAEP is setting its standards too high, Gerald Bracey intriguingly says

January 6: Kids need experienced teachers, Wiener says. But what must those top teachers have?
January 5: What was missing from Finder’s report? The view from those (low-income) chairs
January 4: What could be wrong with this hot new plan—a plan to spend more dough in classrooms?