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Archives 2005

December 30: Are schools ignoring their high-scoring kids? A Post column founders on facts

December 23: Krugman cites a class--the yokels--who deserve to be served by the press
December 22: Hagel is a press corps darling. So the Post pimped his fake, phony tale
December 21: Dean Broder visits our “underserved” schools—and undersolves their problems
December 19: Foer’s account of Campaign 2000 comes from the dark side of Neptune

December 17: A grandmother’s letter to the Post shows us where reading skills come from
December 16: Where, except in the mainstream press, could NPR’s “logic” obtain?
December 14: A study suggests that we teach science hard—to kids at one end of the scale
December 12: Mr. O captures the sense of the season–and extends a long, ignored war

December 8: Spellings want to teach more science. We agree—but let’s teach it to all
December 7: And when we looked around the room, the rat involved may have been us
December 6: Mort and Charles and Cokie and George were confused by the views of prole voters
December 5: Again, Charlotte-Meck does just OK in a trial assessment

December 2: How did Highland get those high scores? Hedrick Smith doesn’t quite ask
December 1: How does Charlotte teach the least among us? Hedrick Smith never quite asks
November 30: Clinton’s a traitor, Cunningham said. It’s time to tell voters about it
November 29: Hedrick Smith didn’t know the drill. This made the Drill-Down seem thrilling
November 28: Should we have uniform national standards? It’s time someone argued the point

November 23: Know-nothing pundits love this script about American schooling
November 22: Gigot cherry-picked a Fitzgerald quote. Ditto Biden with Cheney
November 21: When PBS reviews Charlotte-Meck, one thought comes to mind—it’s all good

November 18: Everyone gains—except the kids—when bogus claims go uncorrected
November 17: Have Charlotte’s schools really made big gains? The data suggest they have not
November 16: A school chief makes remarkable claims—claims which don’t seem to be true
November 15: Did Michael Steele get pelted with cookies? We add to what A-blog has said
November 14: Teach for America’s feel-good ideals lead us to ask some tough questions

November 12: What actually happened at 126? More important: Could it happen somewhere else?
November 10: Today, we’re heading off to Virginia—where Clinch Mountain voters said no
November 9: Did Alvarado help low-income kids? It isn’t real easy to say
November 8: When Smith goes into our low-income schools, he seems to say this: It’s all good!
November 7: Describing NYC school reform, Smith hands us a kooky chronology

November 6: Even Clinton said there were WMD! The claim is irrelevant, but it persists—because of our liberal elites
November 4: Smith’s team wants a revolution. In Chicago, we don’t think they found it
November 3: Centennial has a hard-working staff. But does this school actually “work?”
November 2: Hedrick Smith makes “enormous” claims. But do his claims actually work?
November 1: Brit Hume and a panel of hacks insisted that Fitz never said it
October 31: Puzzled pundits poured milque on toast in the wake of the Libby indictment

October 28: Hedrick Smith replies to our post—and we, in turn, to him
October 27: Derision of obvious logic and fact helps show why the center-left loses
October 26: An e-mailer challenges “no harm, no foul.” With lightning speed, we answer
October 25: Kristof assumes grave harm occurred. But he still says “no foul:”
October 24: The Times talked up the mayor it loves—then went gloom-and-doomy on Bush

October 21: The Washington press corps loves a good fable. That may explain some Wilson coverage
October 20: Statewide test show massive gains. But the NAEP records no such progress
October 19: Why was Miller given free rein? Alterman goes to Sag Harbor
October 18: Arianna fakes about Miller—as she once faked about Gore
October 17: Did Scooter give Plame’s name to Judy? It doesn’t really make any difference

October 14: But what will happen to Baltimore’s kids? Jonathan Kozol’s still asking
October 13: David Broder, snoring loudly, headlines a dumb, addled press corps
October 12: If only Franke-Ruta had been around to fight hard for Candidate Gore
October 11: Buchanan says Bush doesn’t want to dump Roe. It makes an intriguing speculation
October 10: Ezra Klein types a Disneyfied version of what Gene Robinson said

October 7: Will you still object to the corps when they start pimping nonsense you like?
October 6: Michael Winerip thrills the soul with a look at one state’s easy test
October 5: Applebaum falls for the pseudo-lib impulse, turning those corpses to rumors
October 4: As Robinson over-praises Bennett, we describe future change at this site

September 28: The New York Times prints a simple tale about Princeton High’s achievement gap
September 27: A letter writer helps us recall what’s at stake in that Times report
September 26: The New York Times plays its readers for fools about those Wake County test scores

September 23: Rush revives his murder claims—and liberal scribes are too comfy to care
September 22: Lou Dobbs asks a good question on Nagin. Jesse declines to respond
September 21: The mayor looks real good in clothes, the Times’ Joyce Purnick gushes
September 20: “Lowlife rednecks” come to TV—and the great New York Times cheers
September 19: The parson Meacham just couldn’t wait to repeat a simple story

September 16: Evan Thomas told an astonishing tale—then gave us our leader restored
September 15: Sorry! The Center wasn’t “all over cable,” despite what observers “recall:”
September 14: Mr. O gets a chance to cut through the spin when he interviews Condi tonight
September 13: Roberts can’t opine about Roe, Lane said—and he offered some fractured press logic
September 12: Even when people are suffering and dying, they just won’t stop making up facts

September 10: Brownie should never have held his job. But so too with most of the press corps
September 9: Maybe we’ll “fix” the New Orleans schools? What makes us think we can do that?
September 8: Pseudo-liberals pleasured themselves with dumb, feel-good tales about race
September 7: Today, we’ll try to speak so slowly that even professors can follow
September 6: How fast does FEMA normally act? Oddly, we tried to check facts

September 2: We’ll delay our current series while we wait for help to arrive
September 1: Is Calixto given appropriate textbooks? The question is quite rarely asked
August 31: How well can Calixto read? A fine profile doesn’t quite ask
August 30: We asked ourselves what Calixto meant when he fumed to a scribe, “I can’t read:”
August 29: We groaned at a string of tired old saws about our urban schoolrooms

August 27: One more journalist changes the facts to produce a treasured contradiction
August 26: Press-to! Harris disappears the press, just like Roger Simon before him
August 25: When Harris reports on the Whitewater mess, the press corps’ misconduct disappears
August 24: Why did the press feel disdain for Clinton? He just wasn’t cool, Harris says
August 23: Harris describes the press corps’ disdain for Clinton, going where career liberals won’t
August 22: One cohort is AWOL in Harris’ story. Perhaps you can guess who it is

August 20: Openly trashing Limbaugh’s ethics, Olbermann—at last—got it right
August 19: When the liberal web praised Arianna (again!), we saw the stuff of born losers
August 18: Meyerson tackles pro-war scribes—and reminds us of pieces not written
August 17: Matthews, back from a long vacance, stuck his nose into Sheehan’s divorce
August 16: The Dean knows nothing about urban schools—but soundly scolds teachers, who do
August 15: Hurrah! Hooray! A million kudos! Howard Dean says that Democrats have to start telling the truth!!!

August 13: Democrats should be more like Rush Limbaugh, a famous Born Loser advised us
August 12: Aarrgh! Our favorite, Sidney, sexed up the facts, much like Pincus before him
August 11: If Hillary Clinton runs for prez, Richard Cohen knows where it will lead him
August 10: Rumour continued to move through the ranks, this time in Imus’ form
August 9: Carville told Imus some second-hand tales. We recalled glorious Homer
August 8: Drum inquires about our health. We call him out on the carpet

August 5: Paul Krugman helped us consider the problem with creeping self-freeperization
August 4: Matthews played a famous old card. But Joe and Liz just wouldn’t go there
August 3: Digby makes the best case against Novak. But here’s why we don’t buy it yet
August 2: Where did Novak hear “Plame,” Kornblut asks. We’ll offer a wild guess—George Tenet!

July 31: Armando inquired about our “strange crusade.” Incomparably, we settle all points
July 30: Why have we reacted to this case as we have? We’d call that an excellent question
July 29: When Harlow explained what he told Bob Novak, he described a weak request
July 28: Matthews and Allen were totally clueless about Joe Wilson’s report
July 27: Are Dems too dumb to compete with the RNC? A spin about Plame says yes
July 26: Marshall was flatly wrong about Roberts. After that, things just got worse
July 25: Who hired Patrick Fitzgerald? An early profile of the prole gumshoe may lead a leaker to ask

July 23: McCain and Brooks can’t imagine a crime. Not being fools, we can help them
July 22: A famous solon talked some trash. But uh-oh! Matthews challenged
July 21: We’re reading about John Roberts’ chores–because of what happened when Gore mentioned his
July 20: The Bush Admin started framing their man—and some scribes hurried to help them
July 19: We thought Gwen Ifill was the world's worst. Then we watched tape of Jon Meacham
July 18: Kristol played killjoy for those on the right. We were shocked when a smart liberal wouldn’t

July 16: Two top pundits massaged the facts--and a famous host stared into air
July 15: When Ken Mehlman began to misstate, big pundits rolled over, as always
July 14: When White House honchos signed those waivers, the press corps agreed not to tell you
July 13: Wilson has been a wreck from the start. But libs only want to be dumb
July 12: “I want to know the truth,” Bush said. Libs should hit hard on that statement
July 11: Stupidity has been a pseudo-con value. But lately, it has spread to the left

July 8: Joe Scarborough knew who to blame for the bombings. Is he the world’s biggest phony?
July 7: A testing executive shared his views about where steep score gains come from
July 6: What should Bush’s choice be asked? Baker provides sheer confusion
July 5: When city test scores “suggested” progress, the Times rushed to praise a great mayor

July 2: Are we being cruelly punished for past complaints about Dowd?
July 1: In an age of slime and hoaxing, John Harris types a new set of words
June 30: When will liberals express a key point—that we live in a world run by hoaxers?
June 29: Did Perot cost Bush the 92 race? At Tapped, we learn where spin comes from
June 28: What is a zombie like Jeffrey Brown doing on public TV?
June 27: A comical tale about Strong Leader Bush makes us wonder about Woodward’s access

June 25: Amazing! When Plan of Attack first appeared, the press said it proved Bush’s honesty!
June 24: Did the Bush Admin “fix the intelligence?” Liberals keep bungling the info
June 23: Uh-oh! A few weeks after the Downing Street memo, Cheney started pimping the nukes
June 22: Had Bush decided on war by July? For Woodward, it’s hard to decide
June 21: Info is scarce on those Downing Street memos. We return to Bob Woodward’s odd book
June 20: On Sundays, you’ll meet more liars than liberals. Here—let Joe Klein prove it

June 18: Matthews’ panel had a dunce cap for Kerry. They should have worn it themselves
June 17: Liars outnumber actual liberals—if you watch Sunday TV
June 16: How should Hillary deal with Klein? Dems simply have to decide
June 15: Who are the people on Sunday shows? Bill Moyers made matters clear
June 14: Why was Clinton hated so much? Blogger Pangloss knows the drill
June 13: Maybe now you’ll believe what we’ve said about former liberal Michael Kinsley

June 11: Krugman toyed with his foppish tormenter—and told an important tale
June 10: The “Houston Miracle” was a big fraud. But how about Prince George’s County?
June 9: How long will the press corps put up with this clowning? Massah Brit plans to find out
June 8: Will the press corps reject the Hillary slime? Yes, they will—if you force them
June 7: Are New York City's kids on the march? A skeptical scribe got it right!
June 6: Pundits praised their Watergate work. But what have they done for you lately?

June 4: Okrent didn’t get anything right. But so what! Manjoo kiss-kissed him
June 3: Why are TV liberals inept? Lawrence O’Donnell’s grisly performance taught us to follow the money
June 2: Why do "TV liberals" argue so poorly? Perhaps they aren't "liberals" at all!
June 1: Pursuit of buttered brain may not equip you for taking on Paul Krugman’s work
May 31: Why do we liberals lose spin wars, Drum asks. Incomparably, we start on our answer
May 30: The New York Times printed Krugman’s reply. But first, they pimped pure propaganda

May 27: It’s an amazing tale of pious hypocrisy—a tale that your “press corps” won’t tell
May 26: Final question: Why did a guy who voted for Kerry love fever swamps of the right?
May 25: We’ve marveled as big scribes fail to explain that ballyhooed Senate agreement
May 24: The New York Times does ID Moyers. So why did Dan Okrent say different?
May 23: Daniel Okrent finally leaves—taking a cheap shot at Krugman

May 21: When will Liberal Oasis learn—that our big orgs are next door to perfect?
May 20: Good Lord! Kevin Drum says the New York Times is “state of the art” in perfection
May 19: Brooks licks every man in the house. We’ll zero in on Katrina
May 18: Howard Kurtz profiles Newsweek’s Mark Whitaker. And boss-man has never seemed brighter
May 17: Your press corps works on flyweight standards. Here—let the MRC prove it
May 16: The press ignores Bush’s overnight guests. We recall a different era

May 14: Quindlen got it right—about Gary Bauer! But will she dare take on the swells?
May 12: Hillary wasn't involved, say the feds. On Hardball, they strung her up anyway
May 11: Matt Miller put his words in your mouth. We thought about Moynihan’s legacy
May 10: Again, a Times op-ed gives information you can’t get in news reports
May 9: Peter Beinart starts getting it right in the Post—just about six years too late

May 7: Tierney types a tired old tale. But how should a Democrat answer?
May 6: There are no cuts, the Post pundit says. Dems have to know how to answer
May 5: Bush has some gifts for America’s mothers—disinformation, disrespect, phony fear
May 4: “Which word is right,” Brooks Jackson asks. But that’s not the way to approach this
May 3: Every Dem should be dismayed by the Leader’s appalling performance.
May 2: Pelosi, Dodd and Leahy discussed SS—and embarrassed themselves once again.

April 30: George Bush lied in the face of the young. And the Washington Post typed it up.
April 29: The Times praised part of Coulter’s book. Here’s what we found when we fact-checked
April 28: When Time pimped Coulter, it became crystal clear. There are two different liberal webs
April 27: We puzzled as Russert continued presenting all religion, almost all the darn time
April 26: Good Lord! When the New York Times reviewed Coulter’s book, it praised her brilliant research
April 25: Coulter is filled with contempt for the public. But then, so are most of her friends

April 22: How bizarre is Ann Coulter? Deep in the weeds, let us show you
April 21: Cloud has mastered a standard script—with Coulter, it’s just good solid fun
April 20: Coulter makes “errors” like other scribes breathe. But store-bought John Cloud couldn’t find them
April 19: Time’s latest store-bought pimps Ann Coulter. As he does, what is loosed on the world?
April 18: Frank Rich still won’t tell his readers that Whitewater was a fake scandal

April 15: When Coulter called Hillary Clinton ''pond scum,'' Jay Carney knew how to play it
April 14: O’Reilly says that he’ll defend Hill! Will Big Famous Libs meet his challenge?
April 13: Kristof and his cohort will lie until liberals and Dems make them stop
April 12: Kennedy said he wouldn’t check with the pope. But Novak scolds solons who won’t
April 11: We’re just as pious as NBC News, the Capital Gang piously said

April 8: Liberal spokesmen treat you like rubes when they kill Bill and hand Chris a pass
April 7: The Catholicization of NBC News was on full display last evening
April 6: Even Josh Marshall took himself AWOL concerning that War Against Gore
April 5: Alas! Lithwick’s fine cohort would never do what a judge and a brain doctor did
April 4: The press is AWOL—and Lithwick is shocked. But the press has been AWOL for years

April 1: Reporting from the Good Planet Hot Tub, Michelle Cottle ignored Barbara Weller
March 31: At the Times, they err on the side of confusion. And sometimes they just get it wrong
March 30: A documentary's ''involving ideas'' help show what the press corps is not
March 29: Cottle’s crib is worth $2 million. So why are her comments so worthless?
March 28: Bumiller was afraid to question Bush pre-Iraq. But she isn’t afraid to give tongue baths

March 25: The AP’s bungling on Social Security defines the state of your “press corps:”
March 24: Bob Novak describes a swish dinner party, the kind “liberal spokesmen” just luvv to attend
March 23: John McCain just won’t stop lying. When will your brave “spokesmen” make him?
March 22: In Scarborough Country, viewers got worked by a brilliant “Nobel nominee:”
March 21: “I haven’t discussed the insider press,” Josh said. Our analysts responded: “We’ve noticed!”

March 17: When “liberal spokesmen” keep their mouths shut, is it simply a case of self-interest?
March 16: Judd Gregg hoped to fool some rubes. He landed George Will and Fred Hiatt
March 15: One “liberal spokesman” praised Rather’s brilliance. But why would a liberal do that?
March 14: Post “liberals” routinely pander to cons. “Liberal spokesmen” all know not to say so

March 11: Rather tries to destroy all Republicans—until you run a quick Nexis search
March 10: “Liberals” won’t state the most obvious points. Let’s say it—they’re too freakin’ stupid
March 9: E. J. Dionne serves you milquetoast RE Hagel. Go see if the liberal web cares
March 8: Liberals bungled the Dan Rather mess. But Flavia Colgan (almost) got it right
March 7: Why did libs bungle the Dan Rather flap? We start with one scribe’s Happy Landing

March 5: Why are voters so under-informed about SS? Four words—Chris Matthews, Anne Kornblut
March 4: The Tribune hates fake facts—in its comic strips. Everywhere else, they’re encouraged
March 3: If Rangel is willing to pimp Bush’s numbers, why should Bob Schieffer do different?
March 2: Wherever they went to find Jim Lehrer, they must have found Schieffer there too
March 1: Biden bungled this topic too. Let’s check out the logic of add-ons
February 28: The Post discussed George Bush’s deceptions—just as Karl Rove would discuss them

February 26: Why won’t news orgs cover Jeff Gannon? Could it be because Gannon ain’t news?
February 25: We said that liberals need Master Narratives. Last night, two pundits showed why
February 24: Maureen Dowd teaches a valuable lesson. But why is this sad lesson needed?
February 23: When Franke-Ruta “responded” to our critique, she showed what we’re talking about
February 22: When will the Post and the Times move beyond the politics of Social Security?
February 21: The Post’s Gene Robinson “balanced” Ann Coulter. But he just trashed Democrats too

February 18: The Post’s Eugene Robinson thinks he’s a liberal. Someone should tell him he’s not
February 17: If you were paid millions of dollars a year, would you have spent more time preparing?
February 16: What was Russert trying to say? He mangled some simple key facts
February 15: Go ahead—take the Russert Challenge! Try to figure out what he said
February 14: Why are voters confused about Social Security? Maybe they watch Meet the Press!

February 11: Why is it easy for Bush to mislead? Dionne takes the heat off his colleagues! (Also: Do NOT miss today’s Howler History)
February 10: What happens when Bush misleads the rubes? Joe Klein simply lies in our faces
February 9: When John McCain made wild misstatements, Stephanopoulos praised his “straight talk”
February 8: Three separate times, Bush told Tampa voters that SS “won’t be there” for them
February 7: Disinforming the public is easy for Bush. Steve Luxenberg helps out at the Post

February 4: Can we “save SS” without private accounts? The New York Times buries a bombshell
February 3: Brian Williams paid tribute to Johnny in reacting to Bush's new whopper
February 2: Bush will discuss SS tonight. And CBS will continue its bungling
February 1: Why is Conan “still confused?” For years, he has heard no rebuttal
January 31: Uh-oh! Knowing his host was “still confused,” Stephen Moore peddled prime spin

January 28: Why does Bush keep misstating the facts on SS? He knows only Krugman will challenge
January 27: Uh-oh! Twenty years into the SS debate, Conan found his guest’s answers “confusing:”
January 26: Uh-oh! Marilyn telephoned NPR with a question on Social Security
January 24: Republicans hate the word “privatization.” But Daniel Pat played this game too

January 19: Russert slept at one guest’s feet. But then he chased after another
January 18: To see George Bush’s misstatements challenged, you’ll just have to tune in to Fox
January 17: Bush will be pimping a common deception. We call on Paul Krugman to limn it

January 15: Amazing! One reporter penned the piece which should have been in every paper
January 14: Peter Jennings covers for Bush. And Bumiller? Hopeless, as always
January 13: George Bush lied in Josh Wright’s face. And David Gregory knew not to tell you
January 12: How will major pundits respond to yesterday’s lies by George Bush?
January 10: Russert recited Irrelevant Facts on SS. None of his panelists challenged him.

January 7: Conservative bias rules the SS debate. Matthews, Kay and Kurtz make it clear.
January 6: Sununu’s plan doesn’t seem to make sense. At the Times, an ace scribe fails to notice.
January 5: Is any fact about Social Security so simple that Birnbaum can grasp it?
January 4: Bush has a fake, phony figure to pimp. Gail Collins deftly debunks it
January 3: The New York Times went to war late last year. This morning, the warfare continues