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Archives 2004

December 31: The Old Ways pull us back toward Bush—and they pull us in a much-lauded film
December 30: You live in a deeply fallen time. Here—let Kevin Drum show you

December 21: Will the Post provide info about SS? Or will it just pen pompous eds?
December 20: O’Reilly says Macy’s just luvvs euthanasia! But then, guess what? So does Fox

December 17: How have foreign plans worked out? As usual, only Krugman will tell
December 16: How would a Bush-favored plan really work? The New York Times can’t seem to say
December 15: Treating SS as he treats no one else, a Big Scribe misled C-SPAN viewers
December 14: Some readers cling to the “bankruptcy” metaphor. Incomparably, we explain why they shouldn’t
December 13: George Bush won’t stop disinforming Gen X. Neither will CBS’ John Roberts

December 11: I may be an idiot, David Brooks says. But that’s just the innocent explanation
December 10: Bruce Morton laughed at “fair and balanced” when he spun you on Social Security
December 9: But isn’t the trust fund just IOUs? We citizens need to know all the facts
December 8: Russert recited his usual facts. He recited all the facts that are scary
December 7: Krugman presents basic facts on SS. Now watch the press corps ignore them
December 6: Kasich seemed to offer free money. Will your press corps just stare into space?

December 3: We chuckled darkly when Fox's Chris Wallace displayed his Millionaire Pundit Values
December 2: Four years later, the New York Times offers a take on Soc Sec
November 30: When “liberals” trash the average man, they throw in with Big Dumb Execs
November 29: Frank Rich tortured the relevant facts to serve you a “Desperate” denouement

November 24: Do the super-rich really pay 19 percent? Let’s look at a famous submission
November 23: One savvy reader questioned the claim that rich folk pay 19 percent
November 22: Our tribe is good—and their tribe is bad. It’s the world’s oldest profession

November 19: Clinton showed Democrats how to win—but a Times pundit knows how to lose
November 18: If Democrats want to win the White House, a Times writer must be ignored
November 17: There’s almost no way to be this daft—unless you’re a Washington journalist
November 16: Rice for Powell? Your “press corps” knows to pander and fawn to Washington’s two favorite icons
November 15: David Brooks has apologized to Kerry. When will we hear from Pelosi?

November 12: Washingtonians are making their way to art-loving Germantown, Maryland.
November 11: Pseudo-cons claim that “elites” mock religion. The truth is really quite different.
November 10: Insults pass between red states and blue. Should the Leahys adjust to the Dobsons?
November 9: Eastern elites give free dough to the poor. More thoughts on this troubling value.
November 8: Red-staters love to gripe about blue-state elites—and to pocket that free blue-state money.

November 6: Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! We think it’s time for crying cons to say who belittles their religion.
November 5: In a word, their inanity overwhelms. If you ever doubted that, just keep reading.
November 4: Novak played the Tora card too. But the whole thing began with George Bush.
November 3: As usual, Russert made a bogus attack. And as usual, Bob Kerrey didn’t know it.
November 2: Kevin Drum extends a Treasured Press Tale—and shows you the shape of your discourse.
November 1: The Washington press is inane to the end. What is the source of this problem?

October 30: The press dodges valid critiques, we told Jim. And we gave him a striking example.
October 29: Have web press critics offered valid complaints? There’s no sign that Rutenberg asked.
October 28: Heroic reporters bravely insist—they refuse to be swayed by the web.
October 27: Kristof tells us how Bush thinks—and shows us the corps’ limitations.
October 25: Dowd is counting contractions too. Everything has changed—except that.

October 23: Koppel ran on the air to correct. But he didn’t correct John O’Neill.
October 22: Kerry’s contractions are coming more frequently, Wilgoren inanely reports.
October 21: Lawrence O’Donnell got it very right when he questioned George Bush’s religion.
October 20: It’s wrong when hopefuls discuss their wives. And it’s wrong when they fail to discuss them.
October 19: Koppel makes a joke of your interests when he pals with the people he “covers.”
October 18: O’Neill kept lying in Koppel’s face. And Koppel? What else? Unprepared!!

October 16: In a word, Koppel was unprepared. A full report follows on Monday.
October 15: Goodwin chose to watch the Sox—then chose to insult your intelligence.
October 14: Is a vote for Kerry a sin? And did Schieffer show what friends are for?
October 13: The bias Bob Schieffer chokes down tonight may not be the liberal variety.
October 12: The man who will run tomorrow’s debate is a bosom old pal of George Bush.
October 11: No one but the New York Times shows such woeful bad judgment. Also: Bush-Kerry II!

October 8: We wondered if NBC’s coverage was fixed. Watching CNN, Shafer asked the same thing.
October 7: Russert knew that Cheney had lied. And Russert knew not to tell you.
October 6: How empty is modern press corps culture? Tom Brokaw put Cox on the air.
October 5: Should the press corps focus on substance? Ridiculous, Michelle Cottle says.
October 4: CBS pundits said Bush was just great! And they said the same thing in 2000.

October 2: Maureen Dowd ginned up that fake NASCAR quote. Why isn’t Maureen Dowd fired?
October 1: How will the corps assemble its spin? Howard Fineman says THE HOWLER got it right.
September 30: Krugman and Clymer have given fair warning. But many scribes love their gods, Buzz and Spin.
September 29: Josh Marshall omits one part of the tale. Incomparably, we pose a tough query.
September 28: Krugman praises Clymer too! But both scribes understate what occurred the last time we had a debate.
September 27: Six weeks too late, The Dean spills the beans about that vile man, John O’Neill.

September 25: Kerry’s answer was slightly odd. But your press corps can’t even repeat it.
September 24: As usual, John O’Neill dissembled. Matthews, reinvented, played along.
September 23: Joe Scarborough became the latest shill to lie in your face about Barnes.
September 22: Kristof pretended to march off to war. But he failed to confront those rough Swifties.
September 21: Rather is part of a fallen press culture. On cable, pundits know not to tell.

September 18: They were MIA about Bush’s missing year. Four years later, their memory fails.
September 17: O’Neill keeps making a crackpot claim—Kerry is just a big Commie.
September 16: How should the press have dealt with O’Neill? Let’s revisit their darling, Kathleen Willey.
September 15: John O’Neill likes to tell nasty tales. So what if his vets say they’re bogus?
September 14: Why does Roy Hoffmann have total recall? Any chance that he’s reading a script?
September 13: Good grief! Daniel Okrent, Times public ed, seems to be straight outta Dickens.

September 10: Al Michaels recited a piece of key spin. At CBS, John Roberts checked it.
September 9: Dee Dee, playing a Dem on TV, trashed Kerry for his wind-surfing.
September 8: The Times fact-checked the president’s speech—at least in certain editions.
September 7: Four years ago, Robert Novak’s seminal column limned the state of the Bush-Gore campaign.

September 4: We’re close to having a state-run media. In the Post, Richard Cohen shows why.
September 3: Kessler nails Zell in the Washington Post—but Matthews rolls over on Hardball.
September 2: Zell and Dick made laughable statements. Reason? They know that they can.
September 1: The Washington Post tried to fact-check Rudy. But their muscles were weak from disuse.
August 31: William Raspberry has no thoughts about those rough Swift Boat men.
August 30: Three Swift vets defended Kerry. But the “press” didn’t dare let you know.

August 28: Norville was clownishly unprepared. But then, so were Matthews and Olbermann.
August 27: John O’Neill’s gang is conducting a hoax. And the Washington “press” doesn’t care.
August 26: A Vietnam vet told Sean the wrong thing. But then, so did General Tommy Franks.
August 25: John O’Neill’s gang can’t seem to shoot straight. Why won’t the press corps confront them?
August 24: John O’Neill lied in George’s face. He knew George was weak and unprepared.
August 23: Post readers saw O’Neill contradicted—if they read down to paragraph 49.

August 21: What really happened on Thursday’s Hardball? Incomparably, we sketch it all out.
August 20: On cable, your hosts are unfit for command. They make this quite clear every night.
August 19: With apologies, we spend a bit more time on that “sensitive war” pseudo-flap.
August 17: A phony man pulled a major flip. But will pundits dare to discuss it?
August 16: No other word can describe the work of your post-human press corps this weekend.

August 14: Cheney was lying to voters this week. But you—the Kerry camp—didn’t care.
August 13: Cheney laughed in the voters’ faces. But the press—and Kerry’s camp—didn’t care.
August 12: Brit admits that Bush is “stretching.” But at the great Times, he’s just “shrewd:”
August 11: Hannity plays Kerry spokesmen for fools. Reason? He knows that he can.
August 10: Men like O’Reilly subvert the discourse when men like Tim Russert are cowards.
August 9: Cheney lied in the voters’ faces. Your “press corps” knows not to tell you.

August 6: Voters live in Cartoon Nation. The nation’s big news orgs? Don’t care:.
August 5: Fresh-faced Bill Hemmer called Kerry “most liberal” Why did Tom Vilsack just stare?
August 4: It isn’t that hard to debunk phony spin. Let Jon Stewart—a comedian!—show you.
August 3: Dem pundits plan to lose this race the same way they did in 2000.
August 2: Russert knows the issue is fake. He also knows that he can’t say so.

July 31: NewsHour viewers are grossly misled. And Cheney entertains on the trail.
July 30: Callers to C-SPAN helped prove Krugman’s point—your press corps is all about trivia.
July 29: Kerry isn't the Senate's most liberal. And it's easy to explain that weird vote.
July 27: We’re off on a mission of national import, hosting a Hotline affair.
July 26: Is the Times a liberal rag? Okrent’s answer is lighter than air.

July 23: How did uranium make the State of the Union? Here’s what probably happened.
July 22: Chris kept spinning Sandy’s socks. O’Reilly and York were more fair.
July 21: Juliet Huddy socked it to Sandy—and to the folks who watch Fox.
July 20: I never claimed to debunk Bush’s claim, Wilson says. We warned you about this last year.
July 19: Edwards? He’s like a used-car salesman! So says the great New York Times.

July 17: Bush is still playing the voters for fools. Michael Janofsky allows it.
July 16: Bush won’t mention his veto threat. Joe Klein doesn’t mention it either.
July 15: Jim Lehrer has a decision to make about Candidate Bush’s cherry-picking.
July 14: Kerry’s vote on that $87 billion is the turkey the press corps won’t slay.
July 13: A pair of tales helped and hurt Bush. But neither one made real good sense.
July 12: Warning to readers! Once again, we roll our eyes at liberal icon Joe Wilson.

July 9: Ellen Goodman’s odd reaction is just what Moore’s film is about.
July 8: Goodman’s hatred of “cheap shots” didn’t do much for Clinton or Gore.
July 7: Goodman listed Moore's "cheap shots." We puzzled at what makes her mad.
July 6: George Bush lied the nation to war. But that’s not what riles Ellen Goodman.

July 2: If it’s “utterly stupid” you want, you won’t have to go to Moore’s movie.
July 1: Bush misled the nation into war. But people! Don’t call it a lie!
June 30: Given the valuable lessons he's learned it’s time Tim explained what he did.
June 29: Lisa Myers, clowning hard, went after one of Moore’s jokes.
June 28: Russert said Dems were “blaming America.” We felt we were catching his drift.

June 25: It seems that Russert is never wrong—if you ask Russert, that is.
June 24: Being Tim Russert has its advantages, as we see when Big Russ helps him bungle.
June 23: Last night, we saw Harry Thomason’s film. We suggest that you go see it too.
June 22: Tim Russert’s father deserves your respect. His son is a whole different story.
June 21: Wilgoren and Pickler played Minnie Pearl—and threw propaganda at Kerry.

June 18: Suggestive words are being used to keep us confused about Qaeda.
June 17: A Post editorial parses hard about Cheney’s ongoing conduct.
June 16: Why are we polarized, David Brooks asks. He might want to watch Mr. O.
June 15: Thomas said the Ninth Circuit judged correctly. But so what? Mr. O trashed them anyway.
June 14: Paxiled or Xanaxed beyond recognition, Wilgoren resumed Kerry coverage.

June 11: Krugman suggests that we stop telling tales. But Russert is still peddling legends.
June 10: Curious about what Reagan was like? We recommend Lou Cannon’s texts.
June 9: Michael Massing looks like a seer as the Times downplays Ashcroft’s refusal.
June 8: Krugman offers a useful point, counteracting a decade of spinning.
June 7: Clowning hard—and insulting Reagan’s memory—Tim told an absurd, pleasing tale.

June 5: Pundits pretended that Gore was lying—and helped rush the nation to war.
June 4: Gore discussed the rush to war. But Sean was disturbed by Gore’s hairdo.
June 3: Gore discussed the rush to war, providing some good sound advice.
June 2: Two years ago, Gore nailed Iraq. But guess how your pundits reacted.
June 1: Finally, Milbank asked the obvious question–what’s up with Bush’s misstatements?

May 28: Pundits were troubled by Gore’s troubling speech. Their concern? He had spoken too loud.
May 27: Bush’s new ad makes a nasty claim. But the Times turns it into a joke.
May 26: Having lost another whole HOWLER, we plan to regroup tomorrow.
May 25: Rutenberg seems to be over his head. Why can’t the Times do better?
May 24: Powell pimped some iffy Scuds. Bob Woodward knew how to spin them.

May 22: Why is Zarqawi still walking around? The press corp has said, Don't look back.
May 20: We're off on a mission of some importance. Meanwhile, contemplate this.
May 19: When Hamza did Hardball, the public got hoaxed. Why won’t the press corps discuss it?
May 18: NBC’s Tim Russert was really hot. It may be the way of the future.
May 17: Pundits snooozed on the road to Iraq. Jim Lehrer has a strange explanation.

May 14: What’s the truth about Bush’s ad? There’s no way for voters to tell.
May 13: Jodi Wilgoren critiqued a Bush ad. Maybe she shouldn’t have bothered.
May 12: Rutenberg critiqued Bush’s ad. But he told a much softer story.
May 11: The Times says Bush’s ad is unfair. But reporters don’t care to find out.
May 10: Kerry went back and saved Rassmann's life. Can you guess what the crewman said next?

May 7: At Time, the Gore-ing of Kerry begins. Just gaze on the soul of the press corps.
May 6: The Globe trashed Gore during Campaign 2K. Will Kerry be next?
May 5: Kerry’s accuser remembered it wrong. But so what? The Globe didn’t tell you.
May 4: Even on Fox, five pundits agreed—the press has been hammering Kerry.
May 3: Howard Kurtz profiles three brilliant young scribes. How come they don’t seem so brilliant?

April 30: Bush is in charge in Woodward’s book? Which book was Murray reading?
April 29: The Washington press corps is deeply disordered. Here—let the New York Times show you.
April 28: Wilgoren profiles Kerry’s “valet.” Any chance that she’s really this clueless?
April 27: As E. J. Dionne awakes at the Post, a colleague explains the corps’ values.
April 26: Woodward has written a new Dick and Jane. All week, we’ll sound out his stories.

April 22: We’re off to deliver a speech to the kids. Meanwhile, a meltdown continues.
April 21: That December briefing doesn’t seem to make sense. Pundits all know not to notice.
April 20: The Times is our most dysfunctional paper. Here—let their scribes convince you.
April 19: Ron Klain slimed unnamed Dems. We hope that he watched Sixty Minutes

April 17: Condi made a joke of her oath. So the press corps beat up Ben-Veniste.
April 16: The queries were hopeless on Tuesday night. Here’s what the scribes should have asked.
April 15: Bush had been warned about possible hijacks. Rice knew she couldn’t admit it.
April 14: Last night’s event was an awful example of our dull-normal cultural style.
April 13: Condi made a joke of her oath. Do you think that the press was upset?
April 12: Condi Rice ignored her oath. Your press corps has no plan to notice.

April 10: The Hammer recited his key script again. Three other “stars” let him do it.
April 9: Charlie’s script has spread like topsy. We think we know why that might be.
April 8: For the third time, the Post types up Charles Krauthammer’s bowdlerized script.
April 7: Bush’s claim is designed to mislead. Three major scribes lay it out.
April 6: The Bush camp is pushing a phony claim. How should the press corps react?
April 5: David Brooks invented his facts. At TNR, that’s fine and dandy.

April 2: What do we mean when we talk about scripts? This week, the “press corps” showed you.
April 1: The White House laughed at CNN viewers. Why didn’t Wolf Blitzer howl?
March 31: You can’t get dumber than Lisa Myers. Here—let Myers show you.
March 30: White House slugs are sliming Clarke. Your press corps is happy to help them.
March 29: The White House went to war sliming Clarke. Don Imus seemed born to follow.

March 26: The New York Times—and Judy Woodruff—let you see what they’ve become.
March 25: Clarke once presented the Bush Admin line. Quickly, Mr. O started spinning.
March 24: Kerry was “out of the mainstream,” Spinner One says. But check out her hopeless examples.
March 23: Seelye traveled back ten years to spin you on Kerry’s proposal.
March 22: Katharine “Kit” Seelye is faking again. She’ll do it until she is stopped.

March 19: The real McCoy—John McCain—is doing the press corps’ work for them.
March 18: Did last week’s bombing swing an election? Basic facts have been quite hard to locate.
March 17: A bungled “quote” from a troubling hopeful returns us to Campaign 2000.
March 16: They’re hoping to fix your election again. Example? Check out Donald Lambro.
March 15: Leading pundits were quite perplexed when Kerry said his foes were Big Liars.

March 12: Has Kerry flipped on the Patriot Act? Reading Halbfinger, there’s no way to tell.
March 11: Is Kerry a flipper? Inquiring minds want to know. But the Times typed a lightweight report.
March 10: Why is our discourse so inane? Incomparably, we repeat a key question.
March 9: Gail Collins, it’s 11 o’clock. Do you know where your newspaper’s written?
March 8: When David Brooks spun Kerry’s dough, he offered a piece of—gulp!—fiction.

March 5: HOWLER readers have marched to war about Mel Gibson’s movie.
March 4: O’Reilly pushed Bennett on same-sex marriage. Polygamy’s next, the czar said.
March 3: Wondering whether to brake for Lassie, Cal Thomas sheds light on our discourse.
March 2: Bumiller asked, Is God on our side? Answer “really quick,” the scribe said.
March 1: Bush played “gotcha,” Milbank said. But look who had played the game first.

February 27: Let them eat pay stubs, Alan Colmes seemed to say, as Sean and Newt lied about Kerry.
February 26: Has the Washington Post found its new Ceci Connolly? Jim VandeHei’s work makes us ask.
February 25: Just how dumb is the Washington Times? Check today’s front page on Kerry.
February 24: The WashPost stumbles out of the gate in its coverage of Candidate Kerry.
February 23: How many times has Teresa used Botox? The Times dumbly asks—on page one.

February 20: How should pundits talk about Drudge? They know—but alas! They don’t care.
February 19: Did Drudge’s fake tale affect Wisconsin? Big pundits don’t seem to care.
February 18: It might be true, Frank Rich wanly said. Incomparably, we ask: Where’s the outrage?
February 17: How do you deal with a dirt-bag like Drudge? All week, we offer free lessons.
February 16: Did George Bush serve in the Bama Guard? Ancient, vague memories can’t tell us.

February 13: Intern tales make them feel alive! If you doubt it, read man-or-mouse Kaus.
February 12: Why did Russert sleep in the sun? He says he just followed Dad’s orders.
February 11: Bush’s comments called for challenge. But last Sunday, that bulldog wouldn’t hunt.
February 10: Did the Bush Admin exaggerate intel? A bulldog let Bush change the subject.
February 9: Bulldog Tim rolled over and died. Can we stop calling Russert a bulldog?

February 7: Russert scolded Dean last June. But how will he act with George Bush?
February 6: Walter Robinson says the Times got “spun.” Does he think the torn doc is a phony?
February 5: A string of news orgs are dumping key facts, trying to help or hurt Bush.
February 4:
Ritter was right about WMD. Result? He’s been dumped from the airwaves.
February 3: What’s on the mind of the insider press? Just read Sally Quinn’s striking essay.
February 2: The Times insisted that Bush really served. It’s time that they laid out the evidence.

January 30: At Slate, a scribe knew what to do. He disappeared George Bush’s problem.
January 29: The corps just “imagines” things, the Post said. But this fact didn’t have the Post bothered.
January 28: “Kit” Seelye flipped about Bush and the Guard. Ain’t it time that the press limned this story?

January 23: Peter Jennings begged Wesley Clark. Please, general—just fake the facts.
January 22: As Weisberg skis New Hampshire’s grooved trails, he ponders pastels and long lashes.
January 21: Have pundits bungled their recent predictions? By law, major scribes can’t be wrong.
January 20: Michael Moore called Bush a bad name. And the AP misstated the facts.
January 19: Tucker Carlson says the corps trashed Gore. And he outs a Gore scribe’s “shocking” conduct.

January 16: Dennis Miller is hopelessly Lite. That’s why he’s getting a program.
January 15: The press corps hammers all hopefuls, Kurtz said. We offer a potent rebuttal.
January 14: Did Dean and Clark oppose war from the start? Your fashion press doesn’t much care.
January 13: Brit Hume assembled a panel of stars. And all of them said The Same Thing!
January 12: Why do earth tones trouble them so? Because your scribes aren’t from this earth.

January 9: It was all just a joke, David Brooks has now said. But what about Brooks’ slick brothers?
January 8: On what meat doth David Brooks feed? Readers were eager to tell us.
January 7: To what “human hunt” did Brooks refer? We hunted down one scribe’s corruption.
January 6: Disagree with Bush? Then you’re anti-semitic! So says David Brooks, in an astonishing column.
January 5: We emitted low chuckles at Zell Miller’s clowning. But why are faux Dems on the rise?