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Archives 2003

December 22: We’re going out to clean the pasture spring. But we’ve left you some seasonal goodies.

December 20: Readers complained when a shrink doctored texts. But no one complained to the Post!
December 19: Colmes asked Bruce, What makes you a lib? She gave him a classic reply.
December 18: Her name may be Bruce—but her books make us ralph. Who is this “progressive” Fox “Democrat?”
December 17: Weird! Fox’s favorite “progressive Democrat” just seems to beat up on Dems.
December 16: Who on earth is Tammy Bruce? Our analysts were deeply kerflubbled.
December 15: Saddam’s capture freed Iraq—and put a lid on a simpering press corps

December 13: Schieffer lied about Farmer Gore—and showed you the soul of your “press corps:”
December 12: Six years ago, your “press” declared war. This week, they waged war once again.
December 11: When Gore endorsed Dean, pundits told an old tale. Gore said he invented the Internet.
December 10: Gore endorsed Dean—and cited the war. On Fox, they preferred other motives.
December 9: Read Michael Kinsley—then read Cal Thomas. You’ll gaze on the soul of your “press corps:”
December 8: Krauthammer lied about Streisand too. When will Fred Hiatt take action?

December 5: One question only, for the Washington Post: When will Charles Krauthammer be fired?
December 4: If troops get killed, that’s A-OK. But please don’t respond to their questions.
December 3: Last night, the lying continued on Fox. Bill O’Reilly was too scared to stop it.
December 2: Hillary Clinton is un-American. It says so right in today’s Times.
December 1: On CNBC, Russert pandered to Goldberg. So Bernie just pandered right back.

November 28: Clowning about—yes—a Times food review, Bernie G showed contempt for your discourse.
November 26: The Times trashed Dean right on page one. It was different with Candidate Bush.
November 25: For Bernie Goldberg, there’s only one rule. All roads must lead to lib bias.
November 24: Bernie got his shorts in a wad when Frank Rich used the term “homophobia.”

November 22: Bernie fired a volley of blanks when he took on the press corps’ gun bias.
November 20: Brent Bozell is a long-standing fake. But then, he’s had many enablers.
November 19: Bernie, pretending to quote Howell Raines, showed his contempt for your discourse.
November 18: Clowning about Howell Raines and Al Gore, Bernie G shows contempt for your discourse.
November 17: Bernie Goldberg made fools of his readers in Bias. In his new book, he’s at it again.

November 14: Molly Ivins is just like Ann Coulter! So the Times’ Nick Kristof says.
November 10: How inept is your press elite? Reciting a standard Reagan script, Max Frankel is eager to show you.

October 31: Muslims die—and Andrew Sullivan exults! It’s just the way Sully would type it.
October 30: What did Clark say about Iraq? Someone—not Sully—should tell us.
October 29: You know the Official Script about Clark. This morning, “Kit” Seelye cuts-and-pastes it.
October 28: General Boykin’s oddest remarks have been airbrushed from major newspapers.
October 27: General Boykin has made odd remarks. Plus: It’s time for Nagourney to go!

October 24: A mailer reminds us: When things fall apart, it’s far more polite not to notice.
October 23: Today, George Will does the cutting and pasting. It’s what happens when things fall apart.
October 22: When watchdogs quit, robots type cant. Just check out Jonah and David.
October 21: Why has your discourse fallen apart? For one thing, millionaires run your press corps.

October 16: McMurtry rattled off “rumors” and “gossip.” And his eds put the mess into print!
October 15: Flowers’ tale didn't seem to be true. Not that there’s anything wrong with it!
October 14: Larry McMurtry delved into his subject. And guess what? He lacked the first clue.
October 13: The D-word—dysfunctional—came to mind as Larry McMurtry limned Clinton.

October 10: As we prepare to give it a rest, we ask Terry Gross: Where’s our transcript?
October 9: Two days after California’s election, the Post takes apart its state budget.
October 8: Why is your discourse driven by spin? Harry Smith helps to explain it.
October 7: Why does pseudo-con prop rule the day? Let one Post pundit show you.
October 6: Matthews groped for ways to help Arnold. We found it a sign of the times.

October 3: Susan Estrich hates cheap shots. She proved it last night, pleasing Hannity.
October 2: We start with Rush—and we end with Niger. It’s a day in the life of the press corps.
October 1: Some readers asked what was wrong with Chait’s piece. Incomparably, we offer rich detail.
September 30: Tim rolled over for Condi again. Is it time for Tim Russert to go?
September 29: Clark just isn’t like Ike, pundits say. Four years back, one hopeful was.

September 26: York searched Google to find Bush-hatred. With Clinton, it was right on TV.
September 25: Byron York knew the pleasing new spin: Bush critics must just be nutty.
September 24: Doonesbury had Bill O’Reilly disturbed. So he pimped a prime RNC spin-point.
September 23: Pundits want to make Clark a Big Liar, too. This time, will the good guys complain?

September 19: Saletan scolds libs for seeking the truth—then repeats some prime Gingrich propaganda.
September 18: Your pundit corps ain’t from this earth. And they love to disappear their own conduct.
September 15: Tucker Carlson recalls a bad lie from Campaign 2K. The lie came from Bush, not from Gore.

September 12: Arnold floundered on The Factor. But his tough-talking host didn’t care.
September 11: Gloria Borger can’t be human. She proved it with her comment on Gore.
September 10: Why was a brilliant icon fooled? Those palaces just looked so swanky.
September 8: Brit Hume engaged in some ludicrous clowning. But Robert Lichter had his hand in the till.

September 5: Greenberg recited about scribes and lies. His theory was nothing but fatuous.
September 4: Why have Bush’s real groaners disappeared? One of the “experts” explains it.
September 3: Incredibly, the Monthly thinks that a meaningless joke is George Bush’s fifth biggest whopper.
September 2: The Washington Monthly has some good solid “fun” pretending to rate Bush’s honesty.

August 29: Jack Shafer’s upset when libs yell “liar.” Our question: Dude! Where have you been?
August 27: Is California a high-tax state? A reader says Krugman’s mistaken.
August 25: Conservatives don’t want real debate, Joe said. Dennis Prager made him look like a genius.

August 22: Byron York came up with a puzzling “fact.” Lowry and Kaus ran to spread it.
August 20: Did Commander Bush bungle the number of troops? We’re awaiting the corps’ righteous fury.

August 14: In New York, boys covered men. And the Post cut-and-pasted Kondracke.
August 12: Alan Murray embarrassed himself trying to avoid what Gore said.
August 11: Kondracke and Matthews spin Gore’s speech—and Rice kisses up to Gwen Ifill.

August 8: Al Gore said we’re being deceived. Fred Barnes quickly made him a prophet.
August 6: Let’s play Hardball? Chris Matthews takes on John Bolton—but doesn’t quite pop the real question.
August 4: The press corps always gives Rice a free pass. We review an earlier episode.

August 1: Condi Rice didn’t do her job. Gwen Ifill doesn’t want you to know that.
July 31: They got their shot at Bush-on-Iraq. Was this the best they could manage?
July 30: The Big Story here doesn’t seem to make sense. Back in March, Hersh asked the right questions.
July 29: We’re off to entertain the troops. But you might want to read Mother Jones.
July 28: A Perfect Storm roared up Gotcha Gulch. So the Congo was dropped from the story.

July 26: Did Condi lie about the tubes? Why are we driving the Niger side road instead of this big superhighway?
July 25: It’s easy to pick and choose your facts. We used to mock Freepers for doing it.
July 24: Biden says the nuclear intel was bunk. But the press? They prefer Perfect Storms.
July 23: Some readers swear that the press has reformed. But they’re playing the same tired game.
July 22: Condi doesn’t read reports—and Andrea keeps on conflating.
July 21: Rice didn’t read the entire report. Why shouldn’t such a slacker be fired?

July 18: Scribes constructed a Perfect Storm. They used an old tried-and-true method.
July 17: Harold Meyerson murdered the facts as he beat up on stubborn old Cheney.
July 16: Matthews went on the air and played dumb. HOWLER readers? They were mightily satisfied.
July 15: The press corps has made up its mind on Iraq. Result? Basic facts will be mangled.
July 14: Condi Rice was bending it good. Even the Fox all-stars noticed.

July 11: They've actually started to act like a press corps. Will it last? We simply can’t say.
July 9: Matthews and Mitchell seemed to act like real journalists. How long will this summer fling last?
July 8: Bungled methodology lays our work low. Prepare for a pithy DAILY HOWLER!
July 7: Evelyn Nieves ponders Dean’s ropy veins—and Kurtz atones for his great errors.

July 4: A new report seems to answer our question. Hard data ceased five years back.
July 3: Bush’s reply was remarkably weak. But pundits will know not to notice.
July 2: Russert botched a charge, but pundits cheered. Readers! Where were standards?
July 1: Russert lobbed softballs to Candidate Bush. Readers! Where were standards?
June 30: Russert seemed to play gotcha with Dean. Why shouldn’t Dems see double standards?

June 27: Are hopefuls judged by a single standard? When Russert battled Dean, we weren’t sure.
June 26: Exaggeration is Bush’s excuse! We gaze on The Press Corps’ New Standards.
June 25: Bush’s critics are asking hard questions. Tony Snow didn’t seem to have heard.
June 24: Bush’s critics are asking real questions. Judis and Ackerman list them.
June 23: Bush’s critics are asking real questions. David Rosenbaum wants them to stop.

June 20: Hillary’s book is dull, they’ve said. Which convinces us—they haven’t read it.
June 19: David Brooks hadn’t read Hill’s book. But so what? He found it dull anyway.
June 18: Carlson seems to have made a choice. It’s been made all over the press corps.
June 17: Bossie pens the latest cartoon—and Blankley rushes to print it.
June 16: Yardley says that Sidney was right. But so what? He trashes him anyway.

June 14: As a child, Carlson learned to fight for the weak. Which leads to a later contradiction.
June 13: Battling back like that kid from Camp Hill, Margaret Carlson sends us Sheehy’s second story.
June 12: Most of Carlson’s book is numbingly stupid. Consider her passage on India.
June 11: Margaret Carlson has written an ugly new book. We think it goes back to a choice.
June 10: Kathleen Willey is truthful, your pundits all said. After that, they began to deceive you.
June 9: Brit said Hillary can’t be believed. But guess who was mangling the facts?

June 6: Susan Forward clowned for Bill. Brace yourselves — much more to come.
June 5: What ever happened to Candidate Bush? Your “press corps” is too scared to ask.
June 4: Is Carroll’s charge of bias correct? You can’t tell. In our world, facts come last.
June 3: Raspberry wonders where Dems lost their voice. He can’t see the shape of the problem.
June 2: Bowden asked about WMDs. Russert’s gang knew not to answer.

May 31: Sully scolds Dowd for clipping a quote. Too bad he did the same thing.
May 30: The press corps has contempt for facts. The Blumenthal Wars make that clear.
May 29: The truth about Bush is abundantly clear. Somehow, the press doesn’t notice.
May 28: Bush makes a joke of his campaign pledge. But your “press corps” is too scared to say so.
May 27: Jayson Blair is a fake and a fraud. But then, so is Gloria Borger.

May 23: We tip our hat to Winerip’s work—and look back as the press corps spins Sidney.
May 22: When Michael Isikoff limned Sidney’s book, you could just hear him say it. Hey, rube!
May 21: Time says Sidney is massively right. Then they say, Don't buy this book.
May 20: Woodruff “interviewed” Sidney Blumenthal. And the Clinton wars only dragged on.
May 19: Dallek says that Blumenthal’s right. He just won’t explain what he said.

May 16: Blumenthal wrote an important book. Janet Maslin doesn’t want you to read it.
May 15: One scribe noted what Bush had done. You could call it a senior moment.
May 14: Candidate Bush lied in Lehrer’s face. The press struggled hard not to notice.
May 13: “You can’t believe Bush,” one pundit said. But on Hardball, they praised the full package.
May 12: Bush will push cuts every year, the Post says. But that’s not what he said as a candidate.

May 9: Bennett’s real vice became clear years ago. But pundits like Kinsley took a powder.
May 8: Sully’s eponymous dotcom backed Bush. Torn, we give more information.
May 7: Robinson wrote about Bush, then Gore. But the press only ran with one story.
May 6: The general said Bush wasn’t there. The press quickly buried the story.
May 5: Pundits recalled a leader’s war record. Their memory was weak—but it served.

May 3: Bush looked manly in his flight suit. And Chris Matthews knew he should notice.
May 2: Nancy Grace does one thing well. She helps us see the cable "news" corps’ corruption
May 1: Where did Taranto get his key spin? Where else? From his White House minders
April 30: NBC’s comely Campbell Brown tried to critique the Bush tax plan
April 29: A bracing report in the Washington Post gives the lie to twenty years of school bashing
April 28: The Dixie Chicks troubled poor Diane Sawyer. But where was this scribe in the past?

April 24: Saletan says that our pundits are hopeless. Raspberry brings confirmation.
April 22: The Post should ask the prez why he changed. And we search for some prime propaganda.

April 18: Often confused with The Hair Club for Men, The Club for Growth has an attitude problem.
April 17: Rivals were savaged in Saddam’s Iraq. So too in our pseudo-con press corps.
April 15: Propagandists want you to think that the Post and the Times simply dreamed up those vile, nasty doubts.
April 14: Propaganda rules on the pseudo-right. Just watch as the WashTimes slimes Clark.

April 11: Johnny Apple got sliced up at Fox. But then, so did two troubling generals.
April 10: Apple said the war was won. And then, Brit Hume started spinning.
April 8: Marc Fisher’s piece in the Sunday Post explores a forgotten village.
April 7: No one wished Michael Kelly ill. But a Post profile should open our eyes.

April 4: Our own Fedayeen are now making long lists. Careful, Bill! Your name could be on one.
April 3: A Post op-ed “liberal” hadn’t read his own rag. But he did know conservative spin-points.
April 2: Fox’s odd coverage of the war is a study in pure propaganda.
April 1: For two solid months, the public was spun. Now the spinners deny that it happened.
March 31: At Fox, they’re busy stifling dissent. At the Post, a Big Scribe is affected.

March 28: Try to believe that the Washington Post puts such consummate crap into print.
March 27: Sully railed at the BBC—and a certain scribe knew he must follow.
March 26: Mike Barnicle remains a consummate con. And David Broder has roused from his slumbers.
March 24: David Frum goes after Robert Novak—and brings Saddam right to our shores.

March 21: Who lost the budget, Paul Krugman asks. Incomparably, we help with his answer.
March 20: Why does one pundit love a dangerous war? Because Bush ain’t Bill Clinton.
March 19: Colin Powell emitted some spin. At the Post, it turned into a headline.
March 17: We tried to maintain a HOWLER HIATUS. But Sully brought us right out of our chairs.

March 11: Pundits mocked a zombified prez. But we spied a zombified press corps.
March 10: The corps feigned concern about Gore’s “secret guru.” No other “mad genius” need apply.

March 7: A “speculation” was turned into fact when the press corps began to spin earth tones.
March 6: That troubled gang at the Boston Globe continues its War Against John (HOWLER HISTORY continues tomorrow)
March 5: Duffy’s report made a fleeting remark. And the pundits were soon spinning alpha.
March 4: Weeks before the Wolf flap began, boots-and-suits made a strange earth tones prequel.
March 3: The press discovered Wolf in plain sight—then delivered a smut-laden trashing.

February 28: Recovering from a HOWLER HIATUS, we start HOWLER HISTORY on Monday.
February 26: The “liberal” Post keeps finding slick ways to make the accused come out guilty.
February 25: How effective was the trashing of Gore? Even Alterman still semi-believes it.
February 24: Yes, you have to buy Alterman’s book. But that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

February 21: Matthews told his latest tale. But Joan Walsh just said, “Let’s play softball:”.
February 20: Chris Matthews said that he knew all along. As usual, the talker was faking.

February 14: Teddy White described bias when Jack battled Dick. But by 2K, the bias had changed.
February 13: Kerry’s a liar, the Globe quickly said. So where’s the rag’s famous liberal bias?
February 12: We postpone our series to bring you non-news about the attack on Iraq.
February 11: Alterman faces a difficult task. And then too, his task is quite easy.
February 10: The Boston Globe accused Kerry of war crimes. Are you struck by their great liberal bias?

February 7: The Boston Globe accused Kerry of war crimes. Are you struck by their great liberal bias?
February 6: Finale on Frist! And we tidy up yesterday’s chaos
February 5: The Washington press corps takes a hike for their beloved Dear Leader
February 4: Humble Bill Frist hates publicity. And how do we know? Bill Frist says
February 3: David Brooks, limning Frist, shows that bio is easily spun

January 31: Where do we go to get real facts? The U.S. has a bad need for SpinWatch
January 30: We badly need a source of tax facts. But who in the world will provide it?
January 29: Is the tax code already flat? HOWLER readers are highly kerflubbled.
January 28: How much tax do the rich really pay? We read Altman—and things got unclear.
January 27: Hannity shed wet tears for the wealthy. Then along came that chart in the Times.

January 24: And the stupidest spin we’ve heard all week is the claim that Bush’s plan is “race neutral:”
January 23: Rich Lowry recited a spin-point for Bush. The press has no quota on toadies.
January 22: Howard Kurtz bungles the UM facts too. At the Post, do they read their own paper?
January 21: Richard Cohen—the CIR’S latest mark—hopes you’ll get mad about race.
January 20: A pundit was fooled by Bush’s spin. But where did the slick spin-point come from?

January 17: What’s up with those puzzling portraits of Kerry? At long last, a Globe pundit tells.
January 16: Are corporate profits over-taxed? Don’t look for this press corps to limn it.
January 15: How does the Bush tax proposal work? Real facts can be quite hard to come by.
January 13: We will get full facts about Bush’s plan? At THE HOWLER, we begin a great study.

January 10: The president said his plan was “bold.” Sean and Bill ran to agree.
January 9: Hannity said that less was more. But then again, so did the president.
January 8: Martin Walker called the Dem “dwarfs.” Diane Rehm told him to stuff it.
January 7: Our pundits are back on the campaign trail. So is their trademark tomfoolery.
January 6: The Post limned Ted—and we caught a glimpse of those troubling Millionaire Pundit Values.

January 3: The Post limned Ted—and we caught a glimpse of those troubling Millionaire Pundit Values.
January 2: Margaret Carlson showed her “liberal bias” when she railed at the Outrage of the Year.